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MagnetBlox™ Mega Set

MagnetBlox™ Mega Set

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What's Included?

10 Total pieces

  • 2 Large blocks (20"x20"x5")
  • 2 Half blocks (20"x10"x5")
  • 2 Arches (20"x10"x5")
  • 4 Quarter circle pieces

What are MagnetBlox™?

MagnetBlox™ are sewn from durable, high-quality upholstery. The fabric is stain resistant and easy to wipe down. Each cube has 24 powerful magnets (4 on each side) to make building a breeze! Color coding makes construction easy for all ages.


  1. Select 2 different color blocks (opposites attract)!
  2. Align the edges of the blocks.
  3. Blocks stick together and you're ready to build!

Why MagnetBlox™?

MagnetBlox™ are a high quality magnetic building toy that supports pretend play + builds little ones' skills! Ages 2-10+ love playing (and learning) with MagnetBlox™ for endless entertainment. This STEAM/STEM toy can easily be stored as a chair or table in your little one’s room, family room, or play room!

Ages 2-10+


  • For imagination
  • For active play
  • For building together
  • For endless entertainment

What Can We Build?

You can build so much with MagnetBlox, need inspiration? Check out our build guide here.

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