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Diaper Bags

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High quality leather shoes that are easy to slip on


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who are we?

Freshly Picked was founded by Susan Petersen in 2009 when she discovered a lack of baby shoes that not only wouldn’t fall off their feet but are cute too! Our combination of style and functionality in our products is what helps bring out the best in your child. From our handmade baby moccasins to our stylish diaper bags, every order is treated as if it were for our own little one so mothers and their babies can be the best and most beautiful versions of themselves. 

stylish diaper bags

Our diaper bags are where beauty and functionality meet. As a mother, you are constantly on the go. Freshly Picked diaper bag backpacks give you the freedom to deal with any situation that arises while away from home. Whether you’re looking for a traditional diaper bag, a purse, a fanny pack, or more, you can find what you need in our hand-selected collection. Our unique and eye-catching designs are perfect for moms looking to make a statement while carrying all the necessities. 

handmade leather baby moccasins

Our baby moccasin shoes are hand-stitched in Utah and designed to provide your baby with unparalleled support and style. Made from high-quality leather, these baby moccs have styles that you and your little one will love, ranging from the adorable Mary Janes to the charming Oxfords. And don’t forget to check out our limited collections if you’re a Disney or Harry Potter fan, too! Designed to provide maximum comfort, our goal is to make putting on your baby’s shoes a little bit easier (and cuter).