How to Transition from Swaddle to Blanket Sleeper

Swaddle blankets are a great tool in helping your baby sleep better and longer. For new parents, it can be hard when your adorable, snuggly baby has outgrown his or her swaddle. Luckily, the blanket sleeper, sometimes called a sleep sack, can help ease their transition so baby keeps sleeping (and mom does too)! 

The transition from swaddle to blanket sleeper depends on your baby and their developmental skills and movements.

  • Step 1

    To help your little one get used to the idea of their arms being exposed, start by having one of their arms out of the swaddle for a week.

  • Step 2

    The next week, place both arms out of the swaddle, but continue to wrap the swaddle around their body.

  • Step 3

    Once they are comfortable with both arms being free (usually about 7 days), transition baby into the Blanket Sleeper. Some babies will go right to sleep, while some will cry and need you to stay close by. Being consistent with your new bedtime routine, will help your babe get more cozy in their new Blanket Sleeper.

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Innovative Design

Parents are fans of the Freshly Picked Blanket Sleeper because of its innovative design. The wide arm opening allows parents to easily slip baby into the sleeper and not worry about squeezing their tiny arms. The v-shaped neckline keeps the fabric away from the baby’s face and does not rub against their chin while they move around in their sleep. The warmth of the blanket is perfect for all-seasons! The Blanket Sleeper comes in two sizes so that your baby can continue to sleep comfortably as they grow!

The transition process does take time, and it’s important to be aware that each baby develops at their own pace. But with a little patience, positive reinforcement, and lots of love, you’ll be rocking your baby in their Freshly Picked Blanket Sleeper before you know it!

Sit down with Marissa as she gives an honest review of the Freshly Picked Blanket Sleeper. After swaddling baby Blair her first few months of life, she knew it was time to transition to a Blanket Sleeper when Blair started rolling over.

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