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Freshly Picked’s Baby Registry provides expecting parents a stress-free, personalized, and premium experience in building registries that reflect their nursery and personal style. With meticulous curation of high-quality products and Concierge-like services, the FP Baby Registry ensures both a best-in-class registry building and gifting experience. 

Registry Creators

What is a baby registry?

  • A baby registry is a simple and helpful way to provide friends and family or baby shower guests with gift suggestions. It is a list of items you have selected that you need for your new baby and would like to receive as gifts.
  • You can create a baby registry by simply creating a registry with Freshly Picked and picking items that you want or need. Guests are not obligated to use the registry, but creating one is helpful to both guests and expecting parents!

How does a baby registry work? 

  • Your registry is composed of items you will want to have on hand once your baby arrives. Whatever items you choose to add will be displayed in your registry, which will allow your friends and family to purchase a gift that they know you will not only use but truly love.
  • You can select everything from color preference to the quantity of any product you’ll need and you’ll start receiving gifts as soon as they’re purchased! 

When should I set up a baby registry?

Ideally, you should start compiling your registry before your baby shower invitations are mailed. This usually translates to 2-3 months before the baby’s arrival. Of course, you can begin researching products and adding them to your registry much sooner, and there’s always the opportunity for fine-tuning your wish list up to the day baby arrives—and that’s totally fine!

Does it cost to set up an FP Baby Registry?

Not at all! You won’t have to pay a thing to make sure your guests can see and purchase the items you’ve chosen. Setting up a registry with us can reap rewards. These benefits include a 30% completion discount, free shipping, an extended return window, and more.

Can you sign up for a registry if you live outside the United States?

YES! Anyone can create an FP Registry

How many baby registry items should you include?

Instead of focusing on quantity, focus on variety. Guests won’t mind scrolling through a long list of items as long as you include items at various price points, from low to high. Include everything you think you will need. Our Registry Must-Haves Guide is filled with the essential gear you’ll need for caring for your baby, from big-ticket items to lower-cost basics. It seems like a lot of stuff, but trust us–that little person and mama will need quite a few products to stay comfortable and safe!

What to name baby registry? By baby or parent?

Definitely by parents’ names. We ask for you and/or your partner’s names, as well as the baby’s due date. Baby shower guests will use your info to locate your registry through our registry.

Can a baby registry be private?

Some retailers and registry providers do offer the option of keeping your registry private. They may require a password or link to view. You can share that with only those that you want to see your baby registry.

Do you create 1 or 2 baby registries for twins? Triplets? Etc.?

One registry is all that’s needed for multiples! While you’ll need double (or triple) the number of swings, car seats, and bottles, you can add the quantities you need to one registry.

Should you create a baby registry for second child? Third? Fourth? Etc.

  • We definitely think you should register for every child, whether it’s your first or fourth!
  • Here are a few reasons why:
  1. If there is a large gap between your youngest child and the new baby, this is the perfect time to create a new baby gift registry.
  2. Are your children going to be less than 2 years apart? If so, you’re going to have more than one baby in your home, so you may need a few duplicates.
  3. You’ve discovered a few items that would be helpful for this new baby. Put them on a registry!
  4. Baby #2 or #3 is a different gender.
  5. Baby gear continues to evolve and improve.

Do you create a baby registry if you are not having a baby shower?

Absolutely. While baby showers are traditional gift-giving occasions, expecting parents are free to create a baby registry whether a shower is being held in their honor or not. Friends and family may choose to give a gift at any time before or after the baby arrives, such as when they visit baby for the first time, attend a Sip and See, or after receiving a birth announcement.

Can you return baby registry gifts?

Definitely! The gift-giver will not be notified if you change your mind about the item they purchased. You have 160 days from the purchase date to return any new, unused items(s) for exchange or store credit. Even if you return the item, be sure to thank the giver with a timely, handwritten thank you note. You can request a return by contacting our Customer Service team at hello@freshlypicked.com.

Can a baby registry include gift cards?

Definitely! We give you the option to add Gift Cards to your registry. Gift givers can then choose the amount.

When do I receive my Welcome Box?

You will receive your Welcome Box full of free products and offers after meeting the following requirements:

  1. Have at least 1 item purchased from your registry

** You are only eligible to receive a Welcome Box if your shipping address is within the lower 48 US states. Once your Welcome Box has shipped, Freshly Picked is not responsible if it gets lost/stolen. No replacement boxes will be sent.

Gift Givers

Where can you go to find someone’s baby registry?

Visit Find a Registry to find all of your friends or family’s baby registries in one place! All you’ll need is the first and last name of the expecting parent.

How do I checkout? 

  • When you are on the desired gift registry and ready to checkout, you will select the “Registry Cart” at the bottom, not the Cart icon at the top right of your page. 

Can I have the gift sent to me to bring to the baby shower?

Definitely! You can just change the shipping address to your own address during checkout.

What do you do if you want to give a gift but the baby registry items are too expensive for your budget?

While we encourage expecting parents to add items at every price point, sometimes guests are still left feeling like they have no affordable options. We’re here to help! Freshly Picked has the option of buying a gift card that fits your budget.

When do you give a gift from a baby registry? Only at a baby shower?

A baby gift is a way to celebrate a baby’s arrival and a symbol of your love and support for the new parents. Baby gifts can be given at any time, but are traditionally given at a baby shower or after the new baby arrives. Many choose to give a gift when they visit the new baby for the first time, attend a Sip and See, or after they receive a birth announcement.

Do you have gift-wrapping options available for those who purchase off the registry?

We are working on having this option available soon!!

Is Free Shipping available?

YES!! Free shipping is available on orders over $100 pre-tax if shipping within the lower 48 states.

30% Registry Completion Discount

We want to make sure you get everything you need off your registry, so you're ready for your baby's arrival. 60 days before their child's arrival date, FP Baby Registry users will receive a one-time 30% discount on items that are sold by freshlypicked.com. You will receive this unique code in your Welcome Box.  Please note if your registry was created less than 30 days ago, you will not yet be eligible.

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When can I use my discount?

You can use your discount for up to 6 months after your baby's expected arrival date.

Does my discount apply to any purchase?

You can make a one-time purchase of items sold by Freshly Picked, whether they are on your baby registry or not. The registry discount expires 6 months after your baby's expected arrival date. The discount is one-time-use only and does not apply to gift cards, or shipping and handling fees. The registry discount cannot be combined with any other offer or applied to a previous purchase and is not redeemable for cash. Additional exclusions may apply.