You’re Expecting! How to Build the Perfect Baby Registry

Written by: Kelsie Grossen



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Start Building your FP Baby Registry

Welcoming a new life into this world is a momentous occasion, filled with joy, anticipation, and a touch of anxiety. As you prepare for the arrival of your little one, one essential task on your to-do list is creating a baby registry. This was so fun for me! Getting to pick little items that my baby would one day wear, and find things that matched my personal style. Here are a few tips and great suggestions in creating the perfect baby registry! 

Where Should You Register?

Did you know that Freshly Picked just launched their very own Baby Registry? Join in on this luxurious experience with some of the best and highest quality pieces in the baby world! With benefits like our fast shipping, large completion discount, and concierge-like customer service (to only name a few), this is an experience you will not want to miss out on.

Start Early

Begin creating your baby registry as early as possible. Honestly, as soon as you think of something you might want or need, add it! The great thing about your registry is that it is at your fingertips and you can add things whenever! FP Baby Registry makes creating and editing your personal registry so easy. Check out our “how to” video on our website and see for yourself! Another bonus to starting your registry early is it allows friends and family to purchase items for you at their own pace. 

Register for Various Price Points

Not everyone has a rich Aunt Kathy, but if you do then congrats! If you don’t, plan for all types of gift-givers. There is a large selection of price points you can choose from at Freshly Picked. Make sure you give a nice variety so no one feels left out or pressured. 

Personalize Your Registry

Infuse your personality into your registry. Add items that reflect your personality, color preferences, and nursery theme if you have one! Here at Freshly Picked, we offer so many different colors of Diaper Bags, Baby Shoes, and Swaddles, explore them all and pick which ones fit your style best! Remember, your registry should be a reflection of you! 

Diaper Bags

This would be listed as a necessity for me. Finding the right diaper bag can be tricky, being a new mom you want a lot of pockets, something that can fit everything you need yet be sleek and not actually look like you're carrying a diaper bag. The best option I would recommend to you is our Classic Diaper Bag, we have over 20 colors to choose from! There are so many pockets to keep everything organized, multiple ways to carry it, and has a wide opening. Not interested in the faux leather look? No problem. If you’re one of our sporty mamas, the Seoul line is perfect for you! The backpack or tote options are both machine washable and have tons of pockets. 

Baby Shoes

Nothing is cuter than a tiny little thing dressed in an adorable outfit, and how else to put the cherry on top? By adding the teeniest little shoes! Whether you are having a boy or girl, Freshly Picked has several options of styles, color and sizes. Maybe you don’t want to worry about putting baby shoes on when they’re only a few months old, not a problem. With our variety of sizes, you can plan in advance and get them shoes for when they start walking or even when they’re older! Don’t forget to check out our custom option where you can create a special message on the back of your baby shoes. You can have it say their name, reveal the gender or the due date! These also make for the cutest arrival pictures at the hospital! 

Additional Items

Swaddles and blanket sleepers are the perfect way to cuddle up your little one safely and make sure they get a cozy night's sleep. Another tip to consider is a Baby Registry can also include items for YOU! Check out our cosmetic pouches that are perfect for storing all of your toiletries when packing for the hospital, and speaking of hospital the Classic Weekender will store everything you need for a couple nights stay. I used the Aspen Classic Weekender when I went in to have my first baby and it stored so many things! All of our products are high quality, durable, and stylish, trust us, it will be hard to not select everything! 


Babies can be expensive and when creating your registry you’ll soon find out. One of the best things about creating a Baby Registry with Freshly Picked is our Completion Discount. Once your registry has been live for 30 days, you will receive a Welcome Box filled with FREE goodies from us and some other baby companies all wishing you the best! Included in this box will be a specific discount code for 30% off of ANY product at Freshly Picked! 

Thank You Cards

Don’t be like me and forget to do this, and now you’ve waited an uncomfortable amount of time sending them out now would just be embarrassing. Express your gratitude to those who purchase gifts from your registry with personalized thank you cards. It's a small gesture that goes a long way. And then you won’t have it constantly in the back of your mind that you forgot. So sorry to everyone who came to my shower, your gifts were lovely and greatly appreciated. 

Creating a baby registry is a significant step in preparing for your new arrival. By starting early, keeping it up to date, and personalizing it, you can create a registry that meets your needs and preferences. Enjoy the process, and most importantly, cherish the moments as you prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy. Happy registry planning and congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family!


Start Building your FP Baby Registry