Step 1

To set up for the first time, lay out the Swaddle Blanket and Snuggle Band. It's easiest to set up on a flat surface. 

Step 2

Place both of baby’s arms gently at their side. Your baby’s elbows should sit just below the top of the Snuggle Band.

Step 3

Wrap the inner Snuggle Band securely around baby, just above their elbows and secure with hook and loop fastener. It should be snug, but not tight with room for about 2 fingers.

Step 4

Pull the left side of the outer Swaddle Blanket across baby, pulling at a slight downward angle away from baby’s face. The fabric should be snug, but not tight.

Step 5

Take the right side of the fabric and secure to the left side of the Swaddle Blanket. This should be comfortingly snug. Keep in mind, the inner Snuggle Band keeps baby securely swaddled and the outer blanket is for added comfort, and does not need to be extremely tight.

Step 6

Secure the bottom portion of hook and loop material on the blanket to keep baby’s legs in place. Finally, tie the bottom of the Swaddle Blanket into a knot to keep baby’s feet contained. This knot must be right at the base of the baby’s feet in order to help prevent the Swaddle & Snuggle from riding up over baby’s shoulders.