Vendor Handbook

Vendor Handbook

Advanced Shipping Notice

You must obtain a Shipment Number prior to shipping any product to Freshly Picked. To receive this Shipment Number, email Freshly Picked at  After you have obtained this number you must label every pallet (if coming LTL) or every box (if coming small parcel) with a label containing the Shipment Number.

Receiving Times: Monday – Friday 8:00 am - 2:30 pm (By Appointment Only)  

Please include the following in your ASN (Advanced Ship Notice) to Freshly Picked:  

  • Vendor name
  • Purchase order number
  • Date to be shipped
  • Number of cartons/pallets
  • Expected arrival date

Receive Ready Requirements

Before product can be received into Freshly Picked warehouse inventory it must be considered Receive Ready. Please ensure your shipments into Freshly Picked follow these simple guidelines, as this will ensure accuracy throughout the whole fulfillment process.     

  • All Items (each) must be marked with proper part number and bar code label. (UPC labels are preferred and required by all big box stores)
  • All cases must be marked with proper case label
  • Each case represents one SKU and is consistent in case quantities
  • All partial cases must be marked with a sticker that reads: PARTIAL (There should only be one partial box per SKU)
  • No mixed SKU boxes
  • Packing slip must arrive with product
  • Packing slip contains correct purchase order number
  • Packing slip is attached to outside of pallet or small parcel box -or- box containing packing slip is clearly marked

If shipment does not arrive Receive Ready, our receiving department will complete these guidelines before your product can be received. This can result in delayed receiving times and may be subject to additional fees.

Labeling Requirements


UPC label must contain the following:  

  • Correct UPC
  • Correct SKU (if different from UPC)
  • Product Description

“Receive Ready” is a term Freshly Picked uses to help determine if a product is ready to be received immediately

An “each” is any single item that a customer would order in a quantity or one


Case label must contain the following:   

  • Correct UPC
  • Correct SKU (if different from UPC)  
  • Product Description
  • Case Quantity
  • Lot #


Attach a partial sticker to the case when it is not a full case quantity

Packing Slip Requirements

  • A completed packing slip is required for each shipment coming into Freshly Picked. This packing slip must be attached to one of the pallets or boxes arriving with each shipment. If you are shipping two different P.O. numbers on the same shipment a separate packing slip for each P.O. number is required.
  • A packing slip must accompany each purchase order. If enclosed in carton, please clearly identify said carton
  • Cartons/pallets must be clearly marked with box count/pallet count (1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc.)

Please include the following on your packing slip:  

  • Ship to address
  • Ship date
  • Vendor phone number
  • Vendor contact name
  • Vendor address
  • Purchase order number
  • SKU, description and quantity of product shipped

Pallet Requirements

  • All orders must be palletized, shrink wrapped, and be on a grade B or higher good quality GMA 4-way, 40” x 48” pallet. Pallets should be built to maximize space within the constraints of packaging.
  • Product should be within the perimeter of the pallet, no overhang is acceptable. All products are to be appropriately packaged to limit damage. All cartons on the pallet must be plainly visible to allow for accurate carton count.
  • Stack the heaviest weight cartons on the bottom row
  • Do not stack the pallet more than 52 inches high; use your best judgment based on burst strength of the cartons being stacked and overall stability of the pallet when building the pallet.
  • After carrier has counted the cartons on the pallet, shrink-wrap the pallet using heavyweight film wrapped as tightly as possible to ensure stability, especially including any single cartons on the top row. Use clear plastic film.
  • Freshly Picked requires its carriers to sign for cartons. If a carrier is unable to confirm the number of cartons tendered for any reason (i.e., due to carton stacking method or lack of visibility for shrink wrapped pallets), shipper must either resolve the conditions that prevent the carrier from an accurate count, or accept responsibility for any shortages upon delivery to Freshly Picked.
  • Absolutely do not mark or note on the Bill of Lading: “x pallets said to contain y number of cartons.” If freight is tendered to an Freshly Picked carrier in a “Said To Contain” manner and the correct number of pallets are received, all carton shortages will be treated as a vendor short-shipment.
  • Your Bill of Lading must contain a total carton count and the number of pallets that are being shipped. Shippers must require the driver to sign for the total carton and pallet count that they are receiving for all live-loaded shipments.


  • UPS is the preferred small shipment carrier for all shipments less than 200 pounds.
  • For any shipments weighing more than 200 pounds please contact