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7 Secrets for Traveling with Kids

It’s no secret that traveling with kids can sometimes be challenging, and Jessica Gee of The Bucket List Family faces this challenge on a daily basis while her family of 4 is currently traveling around the world. Here she gives some insider tips for how to eliminate some of the stress that comes while traveling with your kids. 1. Story Time The days leading up to the trip, tell your kids a bedtime story about their upcoming adventure on a giant airplane to journey off to a new magical land. Help them understand what to expect. Tell them about the airport. Tell them about the plane ride and the new exciting destination. It is crazy how much this has changed things for...

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5 Holiday Outfits

The holidays can be overwhelming—especially with little ones.  So much to do, so little time.  It seems that being a mother often means putting yourself on the backburner as you make everyone’s holiday dreams come true.   This is exactly why I created BURU—the online destination for all things #momstyle.  Though what we wear may not be top priority this time of year, I truly believe that you feel better when you look better.  I am happy to share my favorite tips for creating the perfect ensemble for a variety of holiday parties. The SCHOOL Party Quite possibly the most challenging look to pull together as it has the most requirements.  You must be prepared to crawl on the floor, make...

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5 Ways to Grow Your Black Friday Sale By 600%

1. It’s about the people, not the product! My philosophy for any of our discounts is that, at the end of the day, our sales are for our customer. I love being able to provide a way for our product to be accessible to everyone. Some of my favorite customer stories are of a mama waiting for a sale to purchase for the first time. I stand behind my product 100% and believe that our product is the best there is out there, and I truly want everyone to have a chance to own a pair of our moccs. Don’t approach your sale as a way for you to make money, but for you to be able to be a...

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5 Ways to Keep Thanksgiving Dinner Easy and Gourmet

Thanksgiving is a time to be with those you love. Passing food around the table, the clinking of glasses, and laughter heard throughout the house reminds us what is important. Here are five ways to keep your Thanksgiving simple yet fabulous so you can enjoy your day without the stress.   1. Celebrate homemade and store bought! If you make the best apple pie on the block or your Grandmother's sweet potato casserole is to-die-for put all your time and effort into those specific dishes. In all reality convenience foods will lessen your stress. This is not the time to make your first piecrust or homemade dinner rolls. Stick with what you're good at and buy that amazing Apple Pie from your...

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4 easy ways to capture holiday memories

As co-founder and Chatbooker-in-Chief at Chatbooks and mother of 7, I know what a (delightful) whirl the holiday season can be!  Through the years I’ve found several easy ways to capture our family’s special memories. Here are four of my favorites: 1. Play the “Remembering Game”: On the car trip to grandma’s or when everyone’s relaxing post-turkey, grab a piece of paper and write down one fast memory from the season. It can be as short and sweet as “1. Declan singing his heart out in the school play.” Then pass the list on to your spouse, a grandparent, or child. Each person adds a memory and then passes the paper to someone else (or coming back to you for...

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