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Top Tips for Fighting Anxiety & The Blues

Sadie is the writer behind where she shares about her life, motherhood and her health and fitness journey. These tips are an excerpt from a post she shared with tips on how she deals with anxiety and "crazy behavioral twists" we all experience from time to time, especially during the colder months.  1. SIMPLIFY AND SET GOALS Wintertime is the BEST time to do this. When I say simplify, I mean simplify EVERYTHING. Your life. Your home. Your social life. Your marriage. You workouts. And your friends. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that life has to offer. If you remove those things in your life that give you anxiety, your day will feel so much easier to...

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5 Ways to Prepare for Bringing Home Baby

You may hear the question several times throughout your pregnancy, “Are you ready?”  Chances are the answer will be, “Not quite!”  While it’s likely that nothing will quite prepare you for those first precious moments meeting your new baby, there’s plenty of things that can make those first few weeks home a little more manageable.  As a childbirth educator and certified lactation specialist, I like to arm Moms with several research-based options so they feel more comfortable guiding their own experience. Today I’m excited to share ‘5 ways to prepare for bringing home baby’.   1. Take some prenatal classes It’s a good idea to be as informed as possible when it comes to bringing a new baby home!  Taking some prenatal...

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Five Tips For Successful Family Portraits

1. PLAN AHEAD Get your outfits organized a couple weeks before your session so you aren’t running around right before. To minimize stress on family picture day, do as much as you can beforehand to ensure a relaxed session. Let your spouse know well in advance and prep your kids by having them try on the clothes you’ve picked out so you know if something is uncomfortable or ill fitting before the day of the shoot. Avoid large brand logos and excessive bold prints. 2. HAPPY FAMILIES MAKE FOR GREAT PICTURES Be sure to keep your usual schedule and make time for a little extra rest and fun before your session (parents included!). There is no surer way to nightmarish...

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3 Easy Tips for Dressing Your Child

At Freshly Picked we believe no love story is more beautiful than the one written by a parent and child. I'm lucky to celebrate those meaningful moments in parents' love stories with their children, especially through all the gorgeous pictures I share of our customers' beautiful babies. What a child wears tells the story of his or her earliest years: the first moccasins he took a step in, her special birthday dress, his favorite tee shirt, or the outfit she wore home from the hospital. Here are 3 simple tips to help you put together outfits that will be part of the story of your child's early years:  1. Dress them to their personality!  It's funny how quickly a child's unique personality and style emerges....

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7 Secrets for Traveling with Kids

It’s no secret that traveling with kids can sometimes be challenging, and Jessica Gee of The Bucket List Family faces this challenge on a daily basis while her family of 4 is currently traveling around the world. Here she gives some insider tips for how to eliminate some of the stress that comes while traveling with your kids. 1. Story Time The days leading up to the trip, tell your kids a bedtime story about their upcoming adventure on a giant airplane to journey off to a new magical land. Help them understand what to expect. Tell them about the airport. Tell them about the plane ride and the new exciting destination. It is crazy how much this has changed things for...

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