DIY: Baby Mocc Ornament

Dec '21 — 2 minute read

It's that time of the year to hang up the Christmas decor while drinking hot cocoa and listening to your favorite songs! The holidays are a precious time with your little ones, especially as they are getting older. So what better way to cherish those precious moments than turning their old baby moccs into an adorable tree ornament! 

This DIY ornament is super easy to make and only requires three items!

- Moccs 
- Craft Wire
- Ornament Hooks

Step by Step Tutorial:

Start by choosing an old pair of precious moccs


Take the craft wire and loop it in between the stitching of the mocc to avoid any damage


Twist to secure the wire from the inside of the mocc


Attach an ornament hook to the wire


Ta-da! Hang it on your tree!

The Tutorial

This super cute ornament is a great addition to your holiday decor! Try this DIY and tag us on Instagram @freshlypicked. 

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