Benefits of a Breast Pump Bag

Moms are always on the go! With that in mind, we created the Marseille Breast Pump Bag. Designed to help make the pumping experience smooth and quick!

Built to fit all the essentials, our bag features a designated pocket to store your pump. While our main compartment has multiple pockets to store your pump accessories and milk. 

The bag can also store your laptop for work or any other everyday essentials! Making it the perfect work bag for pumping mothers. 

Do I Need a Breast Pump Bag? 

You might be wondering what are the advantages of a breast pump bag? Instead of carrying multiple bags, have everything in one bag! A functional bag will have pockets for your pump, dirty parts, clean parts, and an insulated pocket for milk. Having a bag that you can grab and head out the door saves you time! 

A discreet pumping bag that fits your style can also help you become more confident with pumping on the go!

Our wear testers expressed their love of our Marseille Breast Pump Bag, they loved the easy access to everything they needed. Especially for moms who pumped at work, they didn’t have to dig around for all their equipment. The visible mesh pockets made it easy to find all their accessories. While the front wrap-zipper allowed them to pump without taking out their breast pump (our bag can fit a Spectra)! It saved them time and made the experience more smooth. 

Once mom is no longer pumping, the Marseille Breast Pump Bag can be used as a diaper bag or overnight travel bag! The case use can range for any adventure. No one would know it’s a breast pump bag from its sleek design! 

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