What to Pack in a Breast Pump Bag

Mar '22 — 4 minute read

Breast pumping on the go? Not sure what to pack or the best way to organize your breast pump bag? No worries, we’ve got you covered! We are listing some of our favorite tips and tricks to make breast pumping on the go a smooth process. 

Having an organized breast pump bag allows more pumping time, which is essential for moms who have busy schedules (every mom)! It’s recommended that your pumping schedule follows your baby’s feeding schedule, to ensure you are producing enough milk when you’re away from your babe. That’s why pumping on the go is essential for breastfeeding mamas. 

What to Pack

Packing a breast pump may seem overwhelming, there are so many pieces to a breast pump, plus the extra accessories for storing milk, and having backups for emergencies! Don’t stress mama, we created a checklist for packing the perfect breast pump bag…the Marseille Breast Pump Bag by Freshly Picked. Designed to be 100% functional while pumping on the go. There is a pocket for everything you need, including a sharpie pocket!

Breast pump, be sure to pack the power cord if necessary!

Don’t forget all the breast pump parts: the tubes, flanges, valves and membranes, plus connectors. Have some extra flanges, just in case!

Having empty bottles and caps are great options for storing milk and preparing bottles in advance. 

A nursing cover is great for pumping in places that aren’t as private.

Milk storage bags, never a bad thing to overpack!

Sharpie marker to write dates on the milk bags

Hand wipes for easy clean ups, plus sanitizing wipes to wipe down your station before pumping.

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Cream or any nipple cream that helps!

Snacks, pack some protein bars to give you that extra pumping energy!

Nursing pads to help with any in between leaking, pack extras!

Mini cooler to store all the liquid gold! The FP Bottle Bag is a great discreet bag to store in the community fridge at work.

Pack an extra outfit, you might overflow on your lap and not notice!

Water bottle, be sure to stay hydrated.

Ziploc bags! They are great for throwing in dirty parts (pro tip: placing dirty parts in the fridge makes them easy to clean later since the milk won’t dry up and cause bacteria to grow)!

Small hand towel to place parts on top of as you assemble and disassemble.

If you want to clean pumping parts right away, microwavable steam sterilizing bags like Medela’s are great for getting the job done. 

A manual pump is important to have, your body may react to it better than your electric pump.

Phone charger, your phone most likely has all your favorite memories of your babe - looking at them can help increase milk flow.

Hand sanitizer

Hands-free pumping bra

Emergency spare parts

A breast pump bag is going to be a major game-changer when it comes to pumping on the go! Be sure to pack everything you need to make the experience easy. Remember, it’s okay to overpack your breast pump bag for the first couple weeks! You got this mama.