Kid Books to Understand Race + Inclusion

Jan '22 — 3 minute read

Books are a great tool to help children learn about important topics and spark conversations with their parents. In honor of Black History Month, we curated a list of children’s books that help explain race, diversity, and acceptance. For parents, reading the books ahead of time can help you prepare for any questions your kiddos might have! 

We're Different, We're the Same (Sesame Street) by Bobbi Kates - ages 3+

A colorful and uplifting book that teaches toddlers about how everyone is the same on the inside and that our differences make the world unique - and how the world is our home. Engaging illustrations will keep your little ones entertained while teaching them a life lesson of inclusion. 

All Are Welcome  by Alexandra Penfold - ages 4+

A book that celebrates diversity and inclusion within classrooms! Readers learn about a school that is filled with students from different backgrounds and how their cultures are celebrated. The school is a safe place that is filled with love and respect for all. The perfect book for preparing your little ones for Kindergarten!

I Am Enough by Grace Byers - ages 4+

A beautiful book that empowers young girls to embrace their individuality. The author, Grace Byers, was inspired by her childhood. As a young girl she was bullied for being biracial CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), her book teaches kids about self-acceptance in a poetic heartfelt message. 

A Kids Book About Systemic Racism by Jordan Thierry - ages 6+

A book that was specifically made for kids to understand systemic racism. An easy read to understand laws, history, and stories of American history. Head over to A Kids Company About for more books to spark important conversations. 

Dream Big, Little One by Vashti Harrison -  ages 6+

Author and illustrator, Vashti Harrison, celebrates black women in American history. The book is filled with stories about heroes, role models, and everyday women who had a part in our history!

Follow Your Dreams, Little One by Vashti Harrison - 6+

Vashti Harrison, celebrates black men in American history. The book is filled with stories about civil rights leaders, writers, and athletes. Beautifully illustrated to highlight role models and inspire children!

Try reading these books with your kiddos! Children need time to digest new topics and express their feelings, revisiting the books may be helpful!