Bento Box Lunch Ideas

Packing lunch for your little one? Get creative with these Bento Box recipes! Bento Boxes are a fun way to help your kids get all their nutrients. They originate from the Japanese culture in making meals more fun and organized! A Bento Box tends to have organized compartments to keep food from spilling and to help portion out meals. 

Easy Recipes 

Hummus & Crackers: This is super easy to assemble! Grab your kid's favorite crackers and a yummy hummus, add some fruit and a fun treat - you have a healthy lunch!

PB & J: A classic staple that can be paired with veggies, fruit, and so much more! 

Cheese & Crackers: Build a mini charcuterie board for your little one! Add some grapes or jam to pair off with cheese and crackers. Yummy and fancy at the same time :) 

Breakfast for Lunch: Pancakes, strawberries, syrup, and some peanut butter! A fan favorite for even the picky eaters! 

Cheese Quesadilla: Quick to make, add some guac, salsa, peppers, and a fun treat!

Pasta: Add their favorite pasta, pair it with garlic bread, cheese, with some cherry tomatoes... so tasty! 

Fried Rice: Quick meal and perfect for getting the kids to eat their veggies, such as broccoli and carrots. 

Last Night's Dinner: Pack some leftovers and add a special dessert. SOOO easy! 

Need more inspiration? Check out our favorite Bento Box TikToker, Jessica Woo!  

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