Tips for Transitioning Back to School

Aug '21 — 3 minute read

It's that time of the year, the kids are going back to school and a new routine is in order! We asked mamas about their back to school tips to help the kids transition into their school routine! 

Start a Bedtime Routine:

Get the kids used to their new sleep schedule a couple of days before school starts. This will make it easier for them to wake up on the first day and no one will miss the bus!

Summer Cleaning:

Kids grow up so fast! Clean out your kid's closet of things that no longer fit them so you know what items need to be replaced. Donate the old items!

Prepare the Little Kids:

For your younger ones, start talking about going to school a couple weeks before and talk about all the fun things they will experience. This will help lower their anxiety! 

The Essentials:

Take the kids shopping for their school supplies, they can pick out their notebooks, folders, and lunchboxes. They can even personalize the items!

Class Schedule:

Reach out to their friend's parents to see if the kids have classes together. Having a friend in a class will help your little one transition easier. 

Talk Lunches:

Have your kids help plan out their school lunches, they can pack their favorite snack as you pack the healthy one! 

Back to School Traditions

Having back to school traditions can help the kids look forward to a new school year. We asked families to share their favorite traditions! 


Treats & gifts for the first day of school


Special breakfast or dinner to celebrate a new school year


Back to school pictures, to capture those precious moments


Ice cream run the night before to get them pumped up


Fashion show, to show off the new back to school outfits and shoes!