Written by: Haley Childers

Tips for Your Next Family Portraits

Hey readers! Haley Childers here! ūüĎč I am the in-house photographer here at Freshly Picked and I wanted to jump on to share some tips for your next family portraits session. Photographing small kids can be a full time job (it is for me!!), but having photos that captured your family in a certain stage of life will be priceless. Here are a few things to consider so you feel prepared and fearless the day of your shoot!

Location: Your photographer may have some great options up their sleeve, hear what they have to share!

At-home: Parents with a new baby snuggling in bed together is my favorite thing, but a cozy in-home session with nice lighting  can also be fun for larger families! Coordinate with your photographer to find the best time of day to shoot in the room you want. 

Beach, field, canyon, grove, it‚Äôs hard to go wrong when Mother Nature is in charge of your backdrop! Remember that shooting within an hour of sunrise or sunset will give you the most flattering light when shooting outdoors. 

Natural Light Studio: While this will cost more, it can make your session so much easier! This is a great option if you would rather shoot midday than in the evening golden hour, and you won't have to worry about a rainy day!

When choosing a family photographer, remember: 

Don't have expectations outside of your photographers capabilities. Does their portfolio have informal, playful photos that you want? Or do they have more formal family photos with a darker color scheme? Pick your photographer and trust their creative abilities! 

Things to remember:

Keep it short! I don’t know any little kids that will last a full hour! Make sure your kids aren’t abnormally tired or hungry before shooting, hanger is a real thing!

Prep your kids with what is going to happen. Show them a photo of your photographer, tell them you’re going to take family photos/individual photos, etc. Have some cheesy jokes up your sleeve, along with some genuine compliments that will help them smile.

Getting tiny kids to look at the camera can be tough, but standing behind the photographer and putting a toy on your head and letting it fall off can lead to an instant laugh attack!

Don’t worry about being above bribery… it works! Smarties and tiny marshmallows are the best for little ones because they’re small enough to go right into their mouth and hard to make a mess with. It can also be a fun incentive if you promise an ice-cream run afterwards, or have donuts waiting for your kiddos (and your S.O.) at home!

Most important tip: Have fun! 

Your baby might throw up on their new outfit, your toddler might be shy and not give any smiles to the photographer, your S.O. might be dreading this all week, but remember your positive attitude can make the session great! The fact that you‚Äôre trying to document your family as they are now will be PRICELESS to you in the future!  

PS: Take iPhone photos with a tripod at your own risk! 

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