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How to Hack Our Sale

Our Customer Appreciation Sale starts tomorrow at 10am!! Sale styles will go FAST and we want to make sure you don't miss a mocc! Here are our insider tips:  Make a List Determine ahead of time which styles you want to buy and what sizes you need. Make sure to browse our site and get your list together. We may release a few of our beloved older styles for the sale, but other than that, it'll be whatever we currently have on the site. Pro tip: be sure to think ahead about any gifts you may need to buy for other people so you can stock up while prices are low! Create a Freshly Picked Account Signing up for a Freshly Picked account is super easy and will allow you to...

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Why Soft Soles are Better for Growing Feet

  Many Freshly Picked customers love our moccasins for their quality, unique designs and ease of use, but not everyone knows about the advantages of their child wearing soft sole shoes. Here’s a quick list of some of the biggest benefits of soft soles for younger children.  EASY TO WALK IN   Hard sole shoes can actually make it more difficult for your child to learn to walk because of how heavy they are. Lightweight soft soles, however, are much less likely to inhibit their ability to walk. Soft soles are unique because they allow your child to extend their toes and grip the floor as if they were walking barefoot. Soft sole shoes can also help children improve their balance and...

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Tips for Traveling with Kids

Flying 1. Pack light! We flew to Spain last summer for 5 weeks with our 4 children and we only took 4 small duffle bags. I packed 5 neutral, interchangeable outfits, 3 pajamas, a pair of sandals and a pair of slip on shoes/sneakers for each child. 2. For the plane, pack a small backpack for each kid filled with activities and snacks so they can get stuff when they need it (instead of asking you to give them things every two minutes). Some of their favorite activities were Legos, coloring books, Go Fish, Spot It!, and Spirograph. 3. Bring iPads with games and movies. Make sure each kid has their own headphones as well and a headphone splitter if...

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The Best Kid-Friendly Candy Activities

It’s the week after Easter and chances are you have tons of leftover candy around the house or you're taking advantage of all the marked down candy at the store (score). If you’re looking for a more innovate way to use your candy (besides eating it), try one of these cool candy activities with your little one.   Dancing Gummy Worms Kick on some music and get the party started with this fun gummy experiment. All you need are gummy worms, baking soda, vinegar, a couple clear cups. The combination of the vinegar and baking soda makes your gummies come to life for an easy afternoon activity. Click on the photo for full instructions. Gobstopper Color Fun For one of our easiest activities, all...

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Why I’m Not Turning My Instagram Notifications On (And You Shouldn’t Either)

If your Instagram feed is anything like mine, it’s completely cluttered with profiles begging you to turn on notifications for them in anticipation of the new algorithm coming out. We’re doing the opposite and have asked all our users to NOT turn on notifications for Freshly Picked. Turning on notifications is like getting a text from your aunt every time she posts picture of a blood blister or her cat (no thanks). No one wants a million notifications blowing up their phone at all hours of the day. Oh and by the way, turning on notifications doesn’t even mean you won’t be affected by the algorithm like everyone seems to believe. It will eventually affect everyone’s feeds no matter what....

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