Planning Spring Outfits

Mar '22 — 2 minute read

The feeling of spring is upon us, and we are ready for warmer weather and fun outfits! Whether you're planning a family vacation or planning baby's first Easter outfit, our moccs and sandals make the perfect addition!

The Footwear

With Easter approaching, we launched our Spring Collection that features the cutest bunny inspired shoes to compliment your little one’s outfit. For your little walker, our sandals are great for adventure. The prong-free buckle makes them easy to slip on and take off. 

Our soft sole moccs are great for first time walkers. Each mocc is handmade with genuine leather to allow baby's feet to grow unrestricted! The soft sole allows baby's toes to extend and grip the floor as if they were walking barefoot, but with a layer of protection. 

Freshly Picked's genuine leather sandals are fan favorites! The water-resistant coating allows them to within stand any adventure. From heading to the pool, or park, our sandals provide the ultimate comfort for your little one. The custom cushioned rubber sole and prong-free buckle make it the perfect everyday spring shoes. 

The Essentials

When planning out spring outfits, layering will be your best friend! The weather is so unpredictable, one day the sun is shining, the next it's pouring rain. Having the essentials in your closet will help you be prepared for any adventure. 

How to dress your infant? For newborns, onesies are the best! They can be paired with a cute sweater, pants/skirt, and adorable shoes. Sticking with cotton material that is breathable will allow you to layer more and keep your babe comfortable. 

How to dress your toddler? Your toddler might be walking around and playing outside so outfits that are comfortable is essential (especially their Easter outfit). Rompers are great for dressing up an active toddler, and adding a sweater for any weather change will keep them prepared!


handmade shoes for little walkers


for everyday adventures


durable rubber soles for toddlers