Behind the Scenes: The Farmers Market Campaign

Written by: Chelsey Chalk



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In the realm of retail, packaging isn't merely a vessel for products; it's an opportunity to create an unforgettable experience for customers. At Freshly Picked, we took this notion to heart when we embarked on our seasonal packaging campaigns. I had the chance to sit down with our product team to delve into the intentions, inspirations, and challenges that shaped this captivating endeavor.

Meet the Team

Meet the dynamic product team behind our Farmers Market Campaign, Kloey and Kassy. Kloey, our talented product designer, brings a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity to every project. Her dedication to crafting visually stunning elements is truly remarkable. Alongside Kloey is Kassy, our diligent product manager, whose strategic vision and meticulous planning ensured the seamless execution of the campaign from start to finish. Together, Kloey and Kassy embody the spirit of innovation and collaboration that drives our brand forward, making them integral pillars of our success.

Our product team, Kassy and Kloey.

Setting the Scene: Intentions and Goals

Our primary goal with the seasonal packaging campaign was to offer our customers an extra experience or treat, something to elevate their unboxing moments and remind them of how much they mean to us. We aimed to evoke excitement and anticipation with each delivery, fostering a deeper connection with our brand.

Freshly Picked Farmers Market sticker

Drawing Inspiration: Creative Direction

We thought of the quote from Devil Wears Prada ““Florals for spring? Ground breaking.” and we knew we wanted to create something familiar but unexpected. We drew inspiration from sources as diverse as Scandinavian design and grandma's patchwork. The creative direction was a seasonal twist that promised something special.

Freshly Picked Farmers Market digital gift card

Crafting the Visual Elements

Crafting the visual elements was a meticulous process that began with mood boards and color exploration. We sketched and created patterns, ensuring that each element contributed to a cohesive whole. Overcreation was key, allowing us to refine and streamline until every detail met our standards.

Orange and Blossom pattern
Strawberry sticker

Navigating Creative Challenges

Quality control and scale presented significant challenges during development. We had to ensure that the materials met our standards without compromising the customer experience. Embracing limitations became a creative exercise in itself, turning constraints into features that enhanced the overall design.

Collaborative Efforts

Collaboration was at the heart of our creative process, with teams from fulfillment, production, and creative working seamlessly to bring our vision to life. Each department played a crucial role in ensuring consistency and alignment with our brand's identity and values.

Reflecting on Successes

Looking back, our biggest successes were in the attention to detail and the intentional design choices that resonated with our customers. Kassy gives a lot of credit to Kloey for how much work she put into the eye-grabbing details of each design.

Favorite Aspects of the Campaign

For Kloey, the abundance mindset mantra card stood out as a rare and meaningful reminder. For Kassy, it was the "I am" mantra card and the market bag sticker with fruit, both embodying the essence of the campaign.

In conclusion, our seasonal packaging campaign was more than just a creative endeavor; it was a testament to our commitment to customer experience. Through collaboration, innovation, and attention to detail, we crafted an experience that resonated with our audience and showcased the heart and soul of our brand.