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June Birthstone Bracelet

June Birthstone Bracelet

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Freshly Picked Birthstone Bracelets help you remember the month you fell in love with your baby! Wear this bracelet as a bond between your soul and theirs.

The June Birthstone Bracelet features fresh water pearl beads to symbolize loyalty, integrity, and beauty. Made with easy-to-wear elastic, each bracelet includes three gold moon phase charms to represent the women who came before you, the woman you are today, and the mom you hope to be. Get yours today!


  • 6mm pearl beads
  • Gold plated moon beads and FP tag
  • Stretchable elastic fit


For the longevity and beauty of your new bracelet, we'd like to share a few friendly tips:

  • Sun Exposure: It's best to keep your bracelet away from prolonged sunlight to prevent any discoloration.
  • Water Contact: We advise against wearing it while washing your hands, in the shower or swimming, as water, particularly seawater, can damage it.
  • Sweat Protection: To maintain its shine, consider taking it off during exercise or on hot days to prevent corrosion from sweat.

Taking these simple steps will help ensure your bracelet stays as gorgeous as the day you got it!

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