Postpartum: Surviving the New Mom Life

Written by: Kelsie Grossen



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The due date is finally here, and with much anticipation, the time has come to bring your new baby home! This new chapter brings both joy and excitement, and (hate to break it to you) a new kind of nerves and pain. The postpartum journey – it's a wild ride but totally worth it! Here’s what to expect. 

The Rollercoaster of Emotions

The postpartum period is a whirlwind of emotions, ranging from overwhelming joy to moments of self-doubt, exhaustion and sometimes depression. Hormonal fluctuations, coupled with the challenges of adapting to a new routine, can create an emotional rollercoaster. It's important to acknowledge these feelings and talk with your spouse or other loved ones when needed! Another important tip here is to remember that just because your emotions are ok a week after birth, doesn’t mean they won’t change. This could happen even 6 months postpartum.

Loving Your Postpartum Body

The physical toll of childbirth is undeniable, and the postpartum body undergoes numerous changes. Biggest advice here - give yourself grace! Your body looks and feels different, and that's ok, it just went through the most miraculous experience. Enjoy these moments you have with your precious newborn. Don't rush into workouts, go at your own speed, but also know that if working out after a couple months is your sanity then go for it! (of course, if your body feels up to it and it's ok with your doctor). 

A close up of a postpartum belly with a mom holding her baby.

Navigating Relationships

It's so fun getting to create a relationship with your brand new babe, but there’s another relationship that can’t sit on the back burner during this time. It's important that you and your partner remember to connect (you are still healing so don't even think about connecting in the sheets yet!). There are other ways to strengthen your connection, watch a movie at night or while baby is napping, play a game together, or take your new little one out for a date with you guys. Don't forget it's also important to take time for yourself, so make sure you make time for that to get some extra z’s, watch your fav trash TV show, or do some online shopping!

Sleep Deprivation and Finding a New Routine

Sleepless nights happen to all parents. Even with Wells being a great sleeper since we brought him home, he still had a couple nights of not wanting to sleep, and some parents have it worse than that. Navigating the challenges of sleep deprivation requires adaptability and teamwork. Establishing a new routine that accommodates the needs of both the baby and parents is key. While it may seem challenging at first, finding a rhythm that works for your family can bring a sense of stability and predictability to this postpartum stage. 

A close up of a postpartum belly with a mom holding her baby.

The Unfortunates

There are some frightening things that happen after childbirth, and there's no getting around them (unless you have a c-section, in which brings other unfortunates that based off of the experience I have none). These are things that people don't share and I'm not sharing them to scare you, but rather inform! The first bowel movement is going to be the worst experience and will be a close second to giving birth in terms of nerves. It must be done. Just find something to distract you, and remember everyone goes through this! Next up, the mom brain, yes it's real, and it's real annoying! Going downstairs only to forget why you're down there, or telling your husband a story and forgetting mid-sentence what you were even talking about (happened to me). Last one, not feeling like yourself. Between clothes not fitting, your mind constantly occupied by your cute baby, and your brain being foggy it's hard to feel normal. With all these unfortunates though, this is such a rewarding experience I promise! And guess what, all these “unfortunates” don't stick around forever. Hope that didn't scare you too badly! 

The postpartum journey is a chaotic, tiresome, and very rewarding time. These are moments that grow and shape you into a parent! Remember to go at your own pace, give yourself grace, and try not to compare yourself to other postpartum experiences, because everyone is different. Enjoy this new time, it goes faster than you think!