Hosting the Perfect Baby Shower: A Guide to Celebrating New Beginnings

Written by: Kloey Ramey



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So you’re throwing a baby shower… First things first, congratulations! That means someone special in your life is expecting a baby, but it also means you’ve just made a big commitment! No sweat though, FP has got your back.

Let’s start at the beginning, no party is complete without a theme. When establishing a particular look for the party, it should go without saying that you should consult with the future parents. Our recommendation is to coordinate with the overall style that the future parents want to achieve in their new nursery. For example, if the parents have a very clean and classic style, the party should follow suit and not be too gimmicky. Alternatively, if the parents are creating a very cutesy nursery, you should keep that in mind when party planning. This is a good idea because not only will the party represent the preferred aesthetic of the parents, but it will also inform your guests on what type of gifts to purchase in case they go rogue and don’t follow the registry. PLUS, the party decor can then potentially be reused in the nursery!

Here are some fun theme ideas…

Choosing the Perfect Theme

Every great party starts with a captivating theme. While brainstorming, remember to consult with the expecting parents. We recommend aligning the theme with the vision they have for their baby's nursery. This not only reflects their personal style but also helps guests choose the perfect gifts. Plus, you can repurpose the decorations in the nursery later on! Here are some theme ideas to inspire you:

Gender Neutral Themes:

  • "Bun in the Oven" (baking-themed with pastels and sugar cookie favors)
  • "Let the Adventure Begin" (outdoorsy or camping-themed with critter decor and s'mores for dessert)
  • "We Can Bearly Wait" (teddy bear-themed with brown and cream neutrals and trail mix snacks)
Adventure awaits baby shower cookies.

Seasonal Themes:

  • Spring: "Locally Grown" (farmers market-inspired with plenty of flowers and fruit/vegetable patterns, tote bag favors)
  • Summer: "Mommy to Bee" (bright yellow or summer neutrals with bumblebee and honeycomb cookies)
  • Fall: "Little Pumpkin" (autumnal colors, pumpkin, and gourd decor, apple cider, and cinnamon sugar donuts)
  • Winter: "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (green and brown pastels or blue and white pastels, woodland critters, snowflakes, and a hot chocolate bar)
Adventure awaits baby shower cookies.

Setting the Date

Most baby showers are held anywhere between the end of the second trimester to midway through the third trimester. Ultimately there are no rules for this and you should adhere to the pregnant mother’s needs; we just recommend not waiting too long in case the bundle of joy decides to make an early arrival. In terms of invitations, giving guests 4-6 weeks notice is good practice, this way you can receive RSVPs around the 2-3 week mark.

Food & Drinks

Finger food is quite customary for baby showers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative! Incorporate the theme by labeling the food with fun names, create a fun charcuterie board for grazing, serve all brunch foods - the possibilities are endless!

Baby shower grazing board using the letters BABY.

Something Special

In lieu of greeting cards, encourage guests to offer a favorite childhood book that includes a note to the future child. It’s a fun way to stock the nursery library in a meaningful way.

Bottom line, use this party as an opportunity to shower the future parents with love and support.



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