Sean And Jake - Daddie's of Three

Dads of TRIPLETS! We are so honored to highlight Sean and Jake A.K.A @daddiesotothree on TikTok. Freshly Picked got an exclusive look into their family and everyday life with not one but three newborns! 

What has surprised you most about having the babies?

How time-consuming it is and how repetitive it is. We knew it was going to be hard, and it's like 10 times harder.

We calculated. They've been home for three months. They feed 7 times a day, and it takes about an hour to feed them. So that's like 630 hours. When you calculate that, that's like 27 full days that we've sat feeding the babies.

It's so rewarding, but so hard. 

What has been the most fun part of having triplets?

Getting to see multiple different personalities shine and come through and how different each one of them is. It's fun to see them interact as well and recognize each other.

We never planned on triplets. We never planned on even having three kids. It's obviously been just crazy to see three individual humans that we're raising. To see them laugh, to see them smile now, it's so fun!

How much are you sleeping?

Ugh... sleep is so hard right now.

We're doing okay. We switch back and forth who takes the middle of the night shift. We're sleeping 5-6 hours/night.

The first week was really rough - it's so intimidating to feed three babies with just one of you! But now that we have it down, we can swap back and forth and that gives us just a little extra sleep. 

How does it feel to already be out-numbered?

Ugh - it's so overwhelming! When more than one of the babies is crying, it just gets tricky consoling them. Or just feeding them. Being home alone, trying to feed all three, is really intimidating.

We'll be out and about and see a mom pushing her little single baby in her stroller. We're like, oh that's cute. We have this like 5-foot limousine of a stroller that we're shoving in the back of our SUV.

The real question will be when we travel... being outnumbered in travel... that will be crazy!

How have you changed since becoming dads?

WE have to plan a lot more. Before, we were a lot more spontaneous. Now you have to plan your spontaneity and be a lot more organized.
We have our Weekender bag - that's a day bag for us!

We were really social before.... now it's like their needs come before ours. That's what it comes down to. And you're exhausted. You learn a lot of patience. It tests you in so many ways, and it shows you your weak points too. And your strengths! 

How are you commemorating this crazy, beautiful time?

We're not big scrap bookers. We're taking tons of pictures, tons of videos. TikTok has been a really fun little outlet for us. 

How did it feel when you found out you were having triplets?

It was a whirlwind. We put in two embryos and hoping for twins. We talked about the outcome on the way in, and we said we have to be happy with whatever the outcome is - whether it was one baby, two babies, or no babies took.

When they started doing the ultrasound, they could only find one baby at first. And she was like let me grab another ultrasound tech to double check. The other technician came in, and said both took! 

Do you have any advice for first time-parents?

Sean: You have to answer this one!

Jake: Be nice to yourself. I think that's the biggest thing

Sean: (And be patient with your significant other!) It takes a lot to parent. It's harder than you think. It's so rewarding, but just make sure you're being nice to yourself. Make sure you're giving yourself the self care you deserve as well. Then you can love these babies even more!

And do everything you possibly can - all the fun things, all the vacations, all the nights out without strings attached... do all that before. 

Sean and Jake mentioned how our Weekender is the perfect everyday bag for them! With 19 pockets, it's perfect for organizing all baby products!

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