Written by: Taylor Earnshaw

Why It's So Important To Have Mom Friends

Motherhood is a lot of things. It is busy, and slow. It is early and late. It's sticky, messy, here there, and everywhere! But something motherhood doesn't have to be? 


If you have ever heard the term “it takes a village to raise a child” and then looked around you in 2020, when the world shut down and wondered “where is my village?” you’re not alone. While the world stopped, mothering didn’t. Except now we were more isolated than ever. I’ve always been a huge advocate for friendship, and the need for connection, but it became more apparent last year how much I needed that as a mama to be my best self. 

But how to meet new mom friends who get what it’s like? Who understands that you might be interrupted every 3 sentences and get splattered by juice? That’s where it gets tricky, but not impossible. You just might have to be a little creative, and willing to put yourself out there!

I recently moved for my husband's career, and I had to start over in a new town, and find new friends. I decided I could be alone and semi miserable, or I could put myself to work and find some connections for myself and my kids. Here are some of the tips that helped me find lasting connections with other moms both local, and online!


Visit local parks, your little one will probably find new friends faster than you will!

Attend local library toddler and children story times!

Search for local mom groups, attend local activities or meet ups.  

Volunteer (especially at your child's school, if possible)

Start a new job. 

Facebook mom groups
are great for socializing and meeting new friends!

*Be sure to follow all local and state guidelines for social distancing and mask wearing

The more friends, the merrier, and you never know how much another mom might need a new mama friend too! 

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