Updates on the Mighty Hearts of the NICU

Written by: McKayla Magleby



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At Freshly Picked, we believe in the power of small steps to make a big difference. We have been able to donate to our local hospital for several months now. Every month, as we enter this tender space filled with tiny, courageous souls and their dedicated families, we feel a profound sense of purpose and compassion. Each pair of donated shoes we brought represented more than just a gift; they symbolized hope, strength, and the start of a new chapter for these little fighters and their families.

One of the nurses shared this story with us:

“I brought in a pair to a family that had been struggling with their baby’s diagnosis and problems. The mom had been teary and sad for many days. When I presented her with the shoes, she lit up and smiled. She was so excited. Gifts like this help bring normalcy and anticipation for the future. Thank you for providing these for our patients.”


Watch the NICU Baby Shoe Delivery

We are overjoyed that every NICU graduate and their parents will receive a pair of Freshly Picked baby shoes, bringing a moment of joy and celebration to what can be an incredibly challenging and stressful time. Witnessing the gratitude of the NICU staff affirmed the tremendous impact these small tokens of love can have.

Playing a small role in commemorating these significant milestones in the lives of these brave infants and parents is a privilege that strengthens our resolve to continue supporting and caring for the community we serve.

Doctor and Nurses looking at the donated Freshly Picked baby shoes.
A Freshly Picked employee handing a NICU nurse a pair of baby shoes.

We recognize that we may never fully comprehend the unique challenges faced by NICU families, but we do see and celebrate their unwavering strength and resilience. At Freshly Picked, we extend a helping hand to honor and recognize these families' strength and courage daily.

Tiny Steps, Mighty Hearts is more than just a program; it's a symbol of compassion, unity, and the belief that small acts of kindness can have a profound impact. At Freshly Picked, we are honored to be a part of the journeys of NICU families, and we remain committed to supporting and uplifting them in any way we can.

As we continue this beautiful journey, we look forward to seeing more tiny steps turn into mighty hearts and more families finding strength, hope, and a loving community to lean on during their NICU experience. 


Watch our first delivery of NICU baby shoes!

We love hearing from you! Here are some other comments made on our Instagram posts about this program:

"This is incredible. As a former NICU momma, a little goes a long way when you’re in there. We spent 9 whole months with my 23-weeker!"

"As a NICU survival parent, you don’t know how big of an impact something like this makes! So amazing and makes my heart so happy to be supporting this company!"

"As a former NICU mama and current NICU Parent volunteer at our former hospital, I just want to say thank you for doing this! 💕 I love seeing support for NICU families! Bringing them a bit of joy during one of the hardest times they may ever experience is crucial. 💚"

"This is amazing! Keep up the good work friends! :)"