Our innovative one-size swaddle allows baby to remain secure and swaddled through a diaper change, through the night, and through the first few months of their life.

Stays On

Swaddle in seconds. Sleep for hours.

One Size Fits All

One size fits all, from newborn - 6 months.

Beautiful Fabric

Breathable, high-quality material.


We’re Freshly Picked, and we’ve been making products for mom and babe since 2009. From over a million pairs of moccs to our best-selling diaper bag, Freshly Picked is an expert at combining function and beauty!

We are confident that we have designed a swaddle that moms everywhere will fall in love with because we asked moms everywhere. We’ve focus grouped hundreds of moms across the country to find out what they need from their swaddle: stretchy fabric for ease of use, breathable material for baby’s comfort, and swaddles that can stay on for diaper changes!

Benefits of the Swaddle

Stretchy material made to last for hundreds of swaddle sessions - from naps to nights. One size fits all! No need to size up as baby grows!

Supports Healthy Joint Development

Stretchy inner Swaddle Band provides pressure from bicep to forearm. No pressure on hips and shoulders for healthy joint development.

High Quality Fabric

Quiet closure keeps baby asleep all night long, even with diaper changes. Stretchiness, allows mom to easily swaddle tightly. Machine washable with included mesh bag and machine dryable.