How to Build Your Mom Community

Written by: McKayla Magleby



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Motherhood is an incredible journey filled with highs and lows. Often the strength to navigate this adventure comes from the support of a community. Support networks are available in many different forms and are an invaluable resource.

Understanding the Power of Community

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself as a mom is a community that understands your journey. It helps you know that you aren’t alone and lets you learn along side others. From sharing parenting tips to providing emotional support, a community can be a lifeline during the beautiful yet challenging moments of motherhood.

Family as a Support Network

Family plays a crucial role in a mom's support system. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins can offer a wealth of wisdom and practical help. Building connections with extended family creates a network that can share the responsibilities of childcare and provide a broader perspective on parenting.

Building Connections with Other Moms

Fellow moms are often the pillars of strength you need. Consider joining local mom groups. Platforms like Meetup, Facebook, or community centers can connect you with like-minded mothers who understand the unique joys and struggles of raising children.

In the digital age, online communities also offer a wealth of resources and support. Websites like Reddit, BabyCenter, or specialized mom forums provide platforms to connect with mothers globally. These spaces offer a haven to seek advice, share experiences, and find solidarity in the challenges of motherhood. Even listening to podcasts or reading blogs can help give you a sense of belonging. We might be biased, but The Fresh Perspective and The Playdate are some of our favorite online resources.

The Playdate with Freshly Picked: A Podcast for Moms

The Playdate with Freshly Picked is your go-to podcast for all things motherhood. It is hosted by Susan Peterson, the visionary and founder behind Freshly Picked. This podcast creates a virtual space for new moms, soon-to-be moms, and seasoned pros for laughs, real talk, and expert advice. Each episode explores the highs, lows, and everything in between. The entire purpose of this podcast is to foster a sense of camaraderie among mothers.

Creating Your Mom Tribe

If you can't find a community that resonates with you, consider creating your own. Host playdates, coffee mornings, or book clubs for moms in your area. Initiating these gatherings provides an opportunity for meaningful connections and the chance to build a supportive mom tribe. We can guarantee you aren’t the only one wanting to develop a connection with other parents.

Local Parenting Classes and Events

Attend local parenting classes or events to meet other moms in your community. These classes often cover various topics related to parenting and can serve as a valuable resource for building connections with moms who are going through similar experiences.

Mentorship and Support Programs

Explore mentorship programs or support networks tailored for moms. These programs often pair experienced moms with those who are navigating the early stages of motherhood, creating a mentor-mentee relationship that fosters growth and understanding.

As a mom, the journey is undoubtedly unique, but you're not alone. Building a supportive community, whether through fellow moms, family, or online connections, can be transformative. Explore the wealth of resources available, including the insightful conversations on "The Playdate with Freshly Picked." Motherhood becomes even more enriching when shared with a community that understands, empathizes, and uplifts.