Tips for New Moms: Your Freshly Picked Bag Essentials

Jan '21 — 4 minute read

Have a newborn? Experienced moms share their diaper bag must-haves!
 A diaper bag is a new mom’s best friend. Everywhere you go, it goes with you. From doctor appointments to playdates, even weekend trips, it follows you. So what is essential for your everyday mom life? We created a list of diaper bag essentials to help you get started! 

What to Pack in a Diaper Bag:

Diapers & wipes: Be sure to pack 1 or 2 diapers for each hour you are out with your baby

A portable changing pad: You never know when or where you’ll have to change a smelly diaper, especially with the newborns

Diaper bag dispenser: Bag up the unexpected diaper

Change of clothes for the baby: For those blowouts…

Lightweight blanket: For when your baby decides to take a power nap

Diaper rash ointment


Clean bottle and formula

Crayons & paper: If you have toddlers

High protein snacks: For the nursing momma

And of course water! 


Don’t forget that a diaper bag is for both mom and baby. Be sure to give yourself some mommy space, to carry your essentials as well! Our Classic Diaper Bag has ten pockets which allows you to fit everything for the baby, while having enough space for your must-haves too. 

What are YOUR must-haves in your FP diaper bags?? Tag @freshlypicked in your diaper bag pics on Instagram so we can see what you're packin'. 

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