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Tips for Traveling with Kids


1. Pack light! We flew to Spain last summer for 5 weeks with our 4 children and we only took 4 small duffle bags. I packed 5 neutral, interchangeable outfits, 3 pajamas, a pair of sandals and a pair of slip on shoes/sneakers for each child.

2. For the plane, pack a small backpack for each kid filled with activities and snacks so they can get stuff when they need it (instead of asking you to give them things every two minutes). Some of their favorite activities were Legos, coloring books, Go Fish, Spot It!, and Spirograph.

3. Bring iPads with games and movies. Make sure each kid has their own headphones as well and a headphone splitter if they need to share.

4. We also bought them each their own small water bottle to use on the plane and each day on our trip. Buy a different color for each kid to easily distinguish between them. 

Road Tripping

1. Plan ahead
• Go on a Trader Joes run and get a mix of healthy snacks and a few sugary treats. 
• Pack individual snack bags for each child.
• Charge iPads and possibly buy a car iPad charger. 
• Pack and fill the car up with gas the night before.

2. Strategic seat assignments
• Separate older kids to avoid fights.
• Position an older child next to baby so he or she can help the baby with snacks, iPad, attention.

3. Make it an adventure, not a chore
• Choose a destination within a destination to break up monotony of trip.
• On longer trips, include an overnight stop. Preferably a hotel with and indoor or outdoor pool for the kids.
• For shorter trips, make a stop at a park to get their wiggles out. Restaurant play areas work well during winter time. 

4. Keep them entertained
• Surprise kids with new shows and movies. 
• Allow kids to each pick a few new games for their tablet. (Make sure you download the day before)
• Take kids to the Dollar Store to pick out a few small toys to open throughout the drive.
• Have some Nursery Rhymes ready to play so you can sing and interact with you baby in the back seat when they get fussy.


About the Authors:

Karyn and Ashly are the mamas and entrepreneurs behind Loom Goods. Their home goods company uses authentic African mud cloth textiles for truly unique products. Freshly Picked just released a collection with Loom Goods that you can browse here.