Spooktacular Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Written by: Kelsie Grossen



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My love for Halloween runs DEEP. It started when I was a kid, which is surprising since Halloween decorations for my mom consisted of a couple small foam pumpkins on our shelves in the living room and window stickers on one window. Nothing makes me happier than a Leaves candle lit, my Halloween playlist (that my husband constantly makes fun of), and my over-the-top Halloween decor! I crush the Halloween movies both scary and classic - ABC Family/Disney (I am 28 years old and will never stop watching movies like The Ring, Addams Family, and Hotel Transilvania. It’s all about balance.) Now that I have a little family of my own, you best believe the excitement is heightened thinking about family costumes! If you’re like me and want to plan a family-themed costume this year, or maybe you’re the person who only dresses their littles ones, check out all my ideas for you! And SURPRISE, a lot of them feature adorable Freshly Picked baby shoes!

Classic Halloween

Some years call for the classics, a pumpkin, ghosts, witches or a family of skeletons. Because my son was born 3 weeks early last year, he was too little to fit in a lot of costumes so we went the easy route of being black cats. Because our costume change was a last minute decision, we wore all black, I cut and colored 2 triangles and taped them to a black headband I had. I then drew with black eyeliner a nose and whiskers on me, my son and husband. Bam, costume done. This is also a lesson that whether you want to go all out and buy the full costume or you don’t have the time or the money, it's ok! Sometimes you can easily find things around the house to make your costume complete.

A little girl in a witch costume.

Freshly Picked has plenty of cute baby shoes to complete any classic Halloween costume. A solid black colored Knotted Bow or City baby shoe can work for black cats, or skeletons. If you want to be even more on theme check out our Dancing Skeleton shoes or if it's pumpkins you’re looking for, consider our Jack O’Lantern shoes. 

Movie Characters

Embrace the magic of Hollywood by dressing up as iconic movie characters. Whether you're fans of Disney classics or prefer timeless blockbusters, there are countless options to choose from! Here are a few of my favorites!

  • Wizard of Oz : There are so many characters to choose from on this one. You’ve got the classic 4, but don’t forget about Glinda, the wicked witch, Oz, munchkins or Toto. How cute would your little gal look in our Ruby Ballet Slipper as Dorothy!
  • Peter Pan : This one would be a great option for a family with a boy and girl, dress them up as Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. Our Weathered Brown City baby shoe would work perfect for him, and Glass Ballet Slipper or Glass Slipper Knotted Bow shoe is sparkly and cute for her!
A family dressed up at Mary Poppins characters.
  • Zootopia : Whether you have a family of 3 or 6 this one is easy. Pick an animal and go with it! We have 4 animal suggestions already for you with our Panda, Puppy, Brown Bear or Deer baby shoes.
  • Literally any Disney Princess movie : Of course if you have little girls this is most ideal, but if not, Have mom be the princess and everyone else be other characters! For your little princesses, we have many sparkling options for shoes, or solid colors.

Halloween Movies

There are so many classic Halloween movies, I’m sure that my family will be dressed up as at least 3 of the suggestions below at some point in our lives!

  • Addams Family : Wednesday is popping up more than usual due to her TV show, as she should be, it was great! Dressing up like the Addams clan would be so cute. Break out your gothic side!
  • IT : Yes this is a scary movie, so you might be thinking “I’m not psychotic, I’m not dressing my child up like that”. Hear me out, you could just all be clowns, maybe dim down the colors or find some looks that have more muted colors, and hand everyone a red balloon. Your kid isn't going to know what it's about, they’re just jazzed they get to carry around a balloon all night.
  • Nightmare Before Christmas : Again, several character opportunities here. Sally and Jack Skelington will be well portrayed with our Ragdoll Sally Knotted Bow shoe and Pumpkin King shoe. If you have a family dog, even better, pop on a red nose and throw on a sheet on (or a white collar because I know a sheet on my dog would not have stayed) and you have yourself a Zero!
A little boy dressed up as a character from  Bettlejuice.

Family Halloween costumes are meant to be fun, and a way to make the most of this spooky holiday with your family! Whether you choose to dress up like classic monsters, superheroes or movie characters, the key is to enjoy the process and embrace the creativity that this holiday inspires! With these costume ideas, you'll be all the talk at the Halloween party and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. So, get ready to trick-or-treat in style and make this Halloween a truly spooktacular family affair!