Hop into Fun: Exciting Easter Activities for Kids

Written by: Kelsie Grossen



Time to read 1 min

Calling all Springtime lovers! With Easter just around the corner, it’s the perfect excuse to dive into some egg-ceptional fun with the little ones. Get your crafting and hunting on with these ideas below! 

Egg-stravaganza Egg Decorating:

Unleash the inner Picassos! Grab some eggs, paints, dyes, markers, and whatever else sparks imagination and let your little ones go wild with their egg-squisite creations. My instagram for you page is full of all new DIY’s of different ways to color eggs that I personally want to try this year. Have competitive kiddos? Turn this into a fun mini competition! Let the best-decorated egg win!

Difference ways to decorate easter eggs.

Spring Fling Outings:

If you live in a warmer area that has a farm to go visit kids would love this activity! Look at all the animals and have a nice picnic afterwards. If you live somewhere like me where its likely to be warm half of spring and snowing the other then opt for a place that has chicks for sale or some kind of farm animals indoors!

Egg Hunt Mania:

Ready, set, hunt! This is personally my favorite both as a kid and now as an adult. I loved finding the eggs and now the fun is in hiding them! I’m all about getting those just barely hard-to-reach spots or camouflaged hiding places for the older ones. It’s all part of the fun seeing them try to get them haha!!

A little kid picking up eggs from the grass during an Easter egg hunt.

Cozy Shenanigans:

Take a breather and cozy up for a special Easter storytime session or movie night. Pick Easter books or a movie like Peter Rabbit or Hop. 

Bunny Bonanza Bash:

There are SO many bunny crafts out on the good ol’ web, if you have small kids this activity would be great! Think crafting bunny ears, fluffing up cottontails, and let's not forget baking! Bunny-shaped cookies or pancakes or cupcakes? It's a deliciously adorable way to celebrate the season!

A bunny ginger bread house for Easter.

So there you have it, folks – a basket full of egg-cellent Easter activities to keep the kiddos entertained and grinning from ear to ear. Whether you're decorating eggs, hunting for treats, or simply soaking in the springtime vibes, remember to cherish these moments with your loved ones. Happy Easter! 🐰🥚✨