Baby Teething 101

Written by: Kelsie Grossen



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So you're little one is at that stage of life where teething is on the horizon. This time is unfortunately going to be full of drool, crankiness and messed up schedules, but hopefully lots of cuddles too. No matter the household, your poor baby is going to be uncomfortable! Whether you have a tiny angel whose only issue is chewing nonstop and a few interrupted naps, or you have a slightly less angelic experience and your babe is crying a lot, can’t sleep and needs to be held, we want to help you prepare as best you can! Keep in mind, if you have any questions, the best place to go is your pediatrician, and go into this stage with understanding, compassion and patience.

Timing is Key

The first chompers usually make their grand entrance around 6 months, or if you’re my child, 3 months, so don't be surprised if they make an early debut or decide to be fashionably late. Remember, every child is different!

Signs and Signals

1. Drool City:

The amount of drool my child had was insane and kind of nonstop. There’s no getting around this step so you just literally have to ride the wave! 

2. Fuss Factory:

Can we blame them? Those suckers are sharp and pushing through, of course they're unhappy - I would be too! If your little one seems extra irritable, blame it on the teeth.

3. Chew Crew:

From gnawing on toys to chomping on their own fingers or yours, your baby will try anything for relief. 

4. Puffy Gums:

Check out those gums—they might be looking a bit swollen and red or even white as those teeth get ready to pop through.

5. Sleep Shake-Up:

Teething can mess with your baby's sleep routine, leading to more wake-ups but hopefully sleepy snuggles.

A baby

Soothing Strategies

1. Chew Toys:

Stock up on teething toys, they're like magic! Anything with a little squish and silicone toys worked best for our babe.

2. Chill Vibes:

Cold works wonders. You can put a washcloth under cold water and let them suck on that or get the teething toys that have liquid in them and stick it in the fridge. Another great option is freeze mashed fruit or breastmilk or formula and stick that popsicle substance in a mesh feeder. Our son loved this option, and teaches them to use their hands more and it had a long lasting soothing effect, plus it’s yummy!

3. Gum Rubs:

Just dab a little on your finger and massage their little gums with it. A little pressure on the gums can go a long way.

4. Cuddle Time:

Sometimes the best medicine is a good cuddle. Grab a blankie and maybe some of their favorite books or turn on a show and show some extra love.

5. Parenting Hacks:

If your baby's really struggling, don't hesitate to chat with your pediatrician about safe teething remedies or pain relievers.

Brighter Days Ahead

Teething might feel like things are never going to go back to how they were, just remember this time will pass. Grab those teething toys and a healthy dose of patience, you got this!