9 Tips for Traveling with Kids

Mamas, you know that taking your family on vacation can be an experience in more ways than one. Whether you're flying or driving, here are some travel hacks to make your journey a smooth and safe one.

10 Travel Hacks

Bring empty water bottles. If you're flying, pack an empty water bottle to fill up in the airport. Saving money and making sure your little ones are hydrated!

Be prepared with a first aid kit! Accidents and emergencies happen, so it's always helpful to be prepared with a travel first aid kit. Keep emergency meds and bandages on hand to be safe.

Keep kids safe with stickers, ID bracelets, or temporary tattoos. Have your kids equipped with important information like your name and phone number. Personalized temporary tattoos are a great identifier, in case you and your babe get separated.

Babywear through security. Wear your baby in a carrier or wrap when traveling. You'll have free hands to deal with luggage and help your other little ones. Many mamas are big fans of TSA Precheck!

Pack tightly: Roll your clothes. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them can save you loads of space. Pack everything in tight and you can bring more of what you love!

Pack lots of wipes & plastic bags! Wipes are the most essential travel item! Sticky fingers? Check. Dirty Diaper? Check. Crumbs on your car seat? Check. Plastics bags are best for dirty wipes, dirty clothes, and trash bag for road trips.

Use a durable and organized lunch box for snacks! Avoid crumbs and squished fruit on you next trip. Using an organized lunch box or plastic organizer while traveling ensure you leave no snack behind! Each snack will have it's own compartment, with an added lid for security.

Drop dryer sheets in your suitcase It's no secret...traveling is messy business. Keep things smelling fresh during your vacation until you reach a washing machine!

Bring coloring books! Easy way to keep the kids entertained and have some off-screen time. Or pring coloring pages and pack some crayons.

Happy and safe travels! Did we miss your favorite hack? Let us know your tips and tricks for traveling with the fam. We'd love to hear it and add it to our list!

Here are some of your suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

Use packing cubes so clothes stay organized and dirty/clean clothes are separated.

Put together totes for each kid with activities, books, snacks, and more. Everyone will feel special to get their own special bag!

Pack a chip clip to keep hotel room curtains closed. This will help the kids sleep better and keep the light out!

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