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Care Bears Coloring Book

We’re continuing the party with our FP x Care Bears second collection launch by giving your little cubs some fun coloring and activity pages to keep their paws busy. Check out the free printables below and enjoy an extra hour to yo’self!  Care Bear Coloring Book

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Stories of the Start: Stacy & Lark

Freshly Picked is about sweet baby feet, but more importantly, it's about celebrating mamas and babies. We love featuring birth stories, tales of the start of a mother and her child. We want to be a resource for moms and future moms and a place for sharing and inspiring. Women become mothers in a million different ways.   Thank you, Stacy, for sharing your story. --- Round one. When I was pregnant with my first, I half decided to give birth naturally. I started seeing some midwives and attended a hypnobirthing class, but if I am going to be honest I always knew in the back of my mind that I could opt for an epidural since I would be in...

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