Rewards by Freshly Picked
What is the program?

Rewards by Freshly Picked is our loyalty program! We are so excited to have a way to reward our best customers and help them get the best value all year long.

Our program is set up like a virtual punch card - like a coffee shop or nail salon might have! Don't worry about losing your card, Freshly Picked's rewards are tracked digitally through your FP account!

How does it work?

The punch card works by counting any purchases *over $40 as a punch. In order to earn your reward, you must place 3 separate orders (or have three punches) to get your reward! The reward can be used on any future order.

Once you earn your reward, your punch card will start over - you'll begin earning punches again on future orders over $40!

* Order total must be $40 after any coupons or gift cards are applied

What are the benefits?

When you place three separate orders over $40, you'll get $10 off your next purchase. 

After 3 purchases, you'll automatically see your rewards at checkout and can choose a future purchase to apply them.

Once you get your reward, your virtual punch card will start over - you'll begin earning punches again on any future purchases!

Yes, you can choose to save your rewards and stack up your credit if you wish. (But we think it will be super hard to not spend right away).

Once earned, your $10 reward expires after 6 months. However, your punches will never expire! 

We will send special discount codes only to rewards members via emails and texts! 

We’ll email you a personalized discount code at the beginning of your birthday month. Make sure to use it before the month is over! After you sign up, look for an email asking for your birthday month - don’t worry, we will never ask what year you were born. ;)

Look for an email asking for your birthday OR sign up here!

If you don't have a Freshly Picked account, follow this link to get started! 

Yes, you will start earning punches on your next purchase! If you want early access + exclusive coupons, chat or email ( our team to ask them to get you signed up now.

As long as your email address matches, your punch will be automatically added once you make an account. 

Your total must be $40 after any coupons, credit, or gift cards are applied for it to count as a punch.

Your punch will be automatically removed if you return or cancel your order. If you cancel only part of the order, the punch will only be removed if the remaining total is less than $40.