How to Hack Our Sale

Our Semi-Annual Sale starts on Monday, November 7th at 10am MST!! Save up to 45% site wide on moccs, diaper bags, new products, and more! Things will get picked and sell out SO FAST! Don't worry, we have insider tips ;)

How to Shop

Make a List 
Determine ahead of time which styles you want to buy and what sizes you need. Think about birthday gifts, baby showers, etc., and stock up while prices are low! 

Create a Freshly Picked Account
Signing up for a Freshly Picked account is super easy! An account will allow you to save items to your cart and store your personal info before the sale starts. Signing up for an account will also enroll you into our free Rewards Program!

Start a Wishlist
Make sure you are logged into your account. Browse the site and give the items you want a heart. They will be marked in your wishlist, which can be accessed by clicking on the "Heart" button next to the shopping bag icon. The wishlist makes it easy to add items to your cart during the sale! 

Set an Alarm 
Set an alarm on your phone for 10am MST on November 7th and snag your favorite styles as soon as the sale goes live!

Have Fun!

Don't stress! We want all of our customers to have a smooth experience with our sale so it's important to do a bit of planning ahead, but don't let that overwhelm you. Plus, we have an amazing live chat feature where you can ask our customer service team any and all of your questions. Good luck, and happy shopping!