Fringe Update

On January 1, 2021, we sunset our Fringe membership program to reflect changes with our growing company.

By retiring the Fringe, we feel we will be able to offer a new program that will allow us to better succeed as a company but more importantly, continue to reward our most loyal customers.

What will change?
Rewards members will no longer pay $10/month or receive monthly credit. The new rewards program will no longer give Fringe members 20% off every purchase.

Will my current credit expire?
No, you will still have access to all your credit in your Freshly Picked account!


We are so excited about this and understand that this is a big shift! Thank you so much for your support for Freshly Picked over the years and into this new phase of FP! We promise to continue to work hard to make your experience, as a customer and as a valued member of our community, the best it can possibly be.

Stay tuned for more on the new FP Rewards program coming soon!