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Hello there, we look forward to hearing from you! For your convenience, we've collected all of our FAQ's in one location and hopefully you can find the answer to your question below. For faster checkout, we highly recommend creating an account. 


How do I determine which size to purchase for my child?
Please measure your child's foot from heel to big toe before purchasing and compare it to our shoe size chart. Our shoes run true to measurement, so make sure you follow the instructions on the size chart page. If your child is in-between sizes, we recommend going with a smaller size in our soft-soled moccasins, and a larger size in our Next Step moccasins. Freshly Picked leather shoes with stretch slightly as they are worn in. 

How do I clean my moccasins?
With either our Leather Cleaning and Conditioning Wipes or Suede Cleaning Kit

My elastic piece that has been sewn together is sticking out of the side of my moccasin, what can I do about this?
That is a very easy fix! If you pull the opposing side of the elastic it will pull through to the center of the moccasin. 

What type of leather do you use?
We pride ourselves on sourcing top quality leather and use 100% genuine cow hide leather for all our moccasins. 

The leather looks different from shoe to shoe, is this normal?
Yes! We use the same color lot for each shoe, however some hides have a slight variance in the color and your shoes may look a little different.  Once they are worn a couple of times, they will start to even out.

I have a crawling baby or a newly walking toddler, the toe of the shoe seems to be wearing the color off of the leather, is this normal?
Yes! The color will wear off slightly on the toe if your baby is crawling and dragging their toes on the ground or if they are starting to walk and also dragging their toes from this. This is just the nature of leather and completely normal.

It looks like my pair of moccasins came with two left feet, is this normal?
Yes! The pattern for the moccasins is the same for both feet. The pair will look the same and as they are worn a definite left or right side will start to appear through love and memories. 

I purchased two different styles of moccasins in the same size. Why does there seem to be a size variation between the two styles?
We use the same pattern for all moccasins of the same size. However, Freshly Picked moccasins are handmade which can cause slight variation. Leather hides comes from different parts of the animal so it varies in thickness. Depending on the type of leather, part of the hide the leather came from, and the handmade nature of the moccasins there has always been size variation and will continue to be slight size variations. 

Are Freshly Picked moccasins good for walkers?
Our soft soled moccasins are perfect for children who are starting to walk! The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends soft soled shoes for early walkers as children learn by gripping their toes on the ground, and they don't need arch support yet. We have great articles here and here about why moccasins are the healthiest choice for first time walkers.



In what sizes are The Sandals by Freshly Picked offered?
Sizes 3-12. They run a size small, so order up. 

Are The Sandal sizes the same as moccasin sizes?
Our sandals run smaller than our moccasins and standard kids shoe sizes, so we recommend getting a size larger than your child typically wears in moccs. 
How does the buckle work?
The buckle is a custom prong-free design that makes it easy to put on your child's foot, and means the sandals work in between sizes as well. To use the buckle, thread the leather strap between the buckle and the notched end of the sliding catch. Slide the strap through the rest of the buckle as usual and you're done! To tighten, simply pull on the strap until the fit is comfortable.

What are the sandals made of, are they leather?
The Sandal by Freshly Picked is made out of high-quality, water-resistant leather upper with a genuine leather insole sewn to a durable rubber sole. The buckle is a nickel-free metal.

Can boys wear The Sandal style?
Yes! The style is considered unisex.

Do these work well with early walkers?
Yes! They tested well with early walkers for stability. The cushioned rubber sole allows for flexibility, comfort and durability.
Do these fit chubby feet?
In fit testing, the opening of the sandal fit the majority of chubby feet. The sandals run small, so order at least a size larger than our moccasins or standard kids shoes. 

Where are The Sandals made?
They are hand-made in Mexico.


I upgraded to 2 or 3 day shipping and my order didn't ship when I thought it would, why is that?

As it states on every product page, it may take 3-5 business days for your order to be processed and ready to ship, from there the shipping time is determined by the shipping spend selected at checkout.

If you order is placed before 5:00 pm MST that it will be shipped the following day. If your oder is placed after 5:00 pm MST it will be shipped on the 2nd business day.

If you are sold out of one size of shoe can I buy another size of the same shoe and exchange it later?
We do not recommend buying the incorrect size to exchange for an out of stock size because sometimes we do not restock certain styles of shoes once they sell out.

Where is my order?
Thank you so much for your order! You can check your order status here. Please allow at least 3-5 business days before your order is ready to be shipped. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number on it. That confirmation email and all correspondence from us will go through the email that you used when you ordered, so please check that email’s inbox and spam folder.

What is your exchange or refund policy?
Our refund policy can be found on our policy page

Can you change my order before it has shipped?
Unfortunately we do not have the ability to change your order after it is placed (for example, we can't change size, shipping address or combine multiple orders). 

Why do I have to pay to pick up my package?

When you order merchandise from another country, you are required to pay customs to bring that item into the country, it is your country’s sales tax. I cannot declare your item as a gift, it is illegal and a federal offense in the United States, a.k.a. I will go to jail. Thank you for asking though.


Do you wholesale your moccasins?
Yes, please apply here if you want to apply to be a Freshly Picked retailer.