Freshly Picked Moccasins for Babies

Soft-soled baby shoes are the perfect shoe choice for tiny toes because they allow babies and toddlers to feel the floor beneath their feet, which helps with balance, coordination, and posture. Ideally, children this age benefit the most from exploring barefoot, but the environment isn’t always safe or suitable for their precious naked feet. If your floor is too cold or your little one is toddling around in the grass, soft sole moccasins are the perfect solution to keep their feet protected with that close-to-barefoot feeling.

Our soft sole moccasins for babies are specially designed to protect their adventurous steps while still allowing for the transmission of important sensory information from your toddler's feet to their brain. These soft sole baby shoes let little ones learn more about the world around them while also helping them develop proper posture and balance. Support your toddler’s every step with the softest (and sweetest) baby moccs from Freshly Picked.

Why Moccasins?

Many babies begin showing an interest in walking as early as eight months. Others can take more time – don’t worry, it’s normal! At first, babies walk flat-footed because their tiny feet are well padded with fat and they haven't yet strengthened the muscles necessary for walking. As they perfect the skill, most children will develop normal arches in their feet. In the beginning, it's important to make sure the shoes they wear fit their feet well and have flexible soles. This gives toddlers the comfort and protection they need to explore the world without dampening the sensory process.

Our soft sole baby moccs allow your little one’s tiny feet to feel the things they need to. Because there are over 7,000 different nerve endings in the human foot, this encompasses a lot of sensations, including heat, cold, vibration, texture, slope, and grip. With every step, your toddler is learning about the world through their feet. Dressing those delicate little toes in hard-soled shoes that are ill-fitting or too tight can both dampen their learning experience and cause developmental problems with their feet. Baby bones are softer and more pliable than those of adults, and it's important to allow them to develop naturally with the help of soft-soled baby shoes.

Our soft sole baby moccasins are not only adorable, but they protect your little one’s entire foot, including the soles, toes, and top. Made from soft, genuine leather, they slip on and off with ease. Find your child's favorite characters in our collection, including Disney classics such as Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, and Disney princesses. We offer a soft sole moccasin for every occasion, from casual to dressy, to keep your baby’s feet protected wherever they venture. 

For the softest shoes designed to protect your child’s feet and help them develop, shop Freshly Picked’s soft sole baby moccs. To learn more about our products and how they can protect and support your little one’s adventurous steps, reach out to our team.