Welcoming Your First Born? Must-Haves For You and Your Home

Jul '22 — 9 minute read

Welcoming your first born into the world? Congratulations! This is such an exciting and life-changing time for both you and your partner. The pregnancy journey and the newborn stage can be so beautiful but, also may be overwhelming at times. That is why we wanted to lay out a useful roadmap that you could potentially utilize when it comes to preparing your home for the baby’s arrival.

Create a Baby Budget and Payment Plan

Developing a baby budget is the first step you’ll want to consider when preparing for your newborn. Having items listed out and organized is a great way to ensure you are covering everything. 

To start, assess your and your partner's current financial status. How much money is flowing in and out of all accounts each month, and review how much money is going into your savings.  Having an idea of money flow is a great way to see where you stand financially and where you may have to negotiate or scale back when it comes to spending. 

Once you see where money is coming and going each month, it’s a good idea to put together a list of what you’ll need to purchase to prepare and have ready for when the baby is here. As you start to build your list of what you need to get, you’ll notice that a newborn checklist is pretty long. Researching the prices of items and various installment plans retailers provide is a good way to put your mind at ease. Researching and looking into different retailers can also show you various price ranges for products. Depending on your spending limit, it is a good way to give yourself options.  

Preparing for a baby can be costly. While you plan your baby budget, you’ll want to have an idea of how you are going to pay for everything. From a minor home improvement perspective, such as creating a nursery, furnishing it, and changing out windows or the floor in the room, you may want to consider a personal line of credit. If you plan on bigger home improvement projects like adding a room to your home or breaking down a wall to make a bigger room, a HELOC may be a better idea. For smaller items such as baby travel necessities, toys, clothing, feeding products, baby and toddler-proofing, and electronics, you could utilize cash upfront that you’ve been saving or put it on your credit cards. 

Make Room Around Home

Going from two people to three people in a home is a big transition and you may notice that your living space will get more crowded as you start to bring home baby necessities. There are several ways you can go about making space around your home to ensure it's ready for when the baby arrives. To start, declutter and organize your home. Clear out any unnecessary items around your house to make room. In some cases maybe even get rid of furniture that isn’t used much and just takes up too much space.

Depending on how much stuff you own that you may not be ready to part with or want to store for a bigger house down the road, consider investing in a storage unit. That way, you can have everything in one place and don’t have to worry about getting rid of those extra items. 

Furnish and Decorate Baby’s Nursery

After you’ve made some room in your home and cleared out that spare room, it’s now time to transform it into a welcoming nursery for the little one. Picking out furniture and items for the nursery to give it character can be so fun! There are a variety of things you’ll want to think about as you put it all together. 

Before moving in any furniture, you’ll want to make sure the fixtures in the room are ready. For example, you may find that you need to upgrade windows to ensure heat and air are sealed in. You may also find yourself wanting to strip the room of carpet or put carpet down. Another common upgrade people will make for a nursery is painting it. When you are picking paints for the nursery make sure you are using non-toxic paints and have the room completely aired out of all the harsh fumes once it’s all done. If painting isn’t your thing and you are looking to have some more fun with the walls or want to create an accent wall in the room, you may consider wallpaper.  

Once you’ve made the cosmetic updates, you’ll want to pick out different pieces of furniture to decorate the nursery with. Some of the necessities you’ll want to consider are a crib, bedding for it, a changing table and baby changing mats (one for home and one you can travel with), a dresser, bookshelf, storage bins for toys, blackout curtains, a glider, and diaper pail. It’s also a good idea to lay out an area where the baby can have tummy time and play with toys. Some extra items you’ll want are pictures and floating shelves to decorate the walls, a crib mobile, and some electronics such as a baby monitor, nightlight, and sound machine. 

Fill Closets and Dressers

Whether you know the sex of your baby or not, it’s always a fun time shopping for newborn clothes and shoes that you’ll soon fill your child’s closet and dresser drawers. There are several newborn must-haves you’ll want. Every nursery should have endless options of onesies, pjs, sleeper sacks, socks and booties, undershirts (long and short), bottoms, hats and caps, baby swaddles, and shoes for newborns. Remember to consider the sizes of clothes and have an understanding that in the first year, a baby can grow faster than you may think! So having sizing options organized in the closet and drawers is one way to stay ahead of the growth spurt! 

Stay Ahead on Baby-Proofing

It’s never too early to baby-proof your home, although it’ll take a few months before your little one starts to crawl around, there are still some actions you should take in advance. Some things you’ll want to consider right away would be to make sure the crib is baby-safe. Meaning, keep it spacious and not crowded. The baby doesn’t need decorative pillows or excessive amounts of stuffed animals in the crib. As they start to grow, you’ll also want to make sure you are keeping an eye on the crib's gate height. 

Once the baby starts maneuvering around and crawling, you’ll want to purchase baby gates and covers for electrical plugs. Other things to consider would be, knob covers for rooms the little ones shouldn’t be in on their own, hiding cords that could easily be pulled, relocating heavy objects that could be knocked off tables and counters, and getting corner guards for sharp table edges to ensure extra safety.

Get Excited

The baby budget is done and the house is ready with all the baby necessities. You are ready to welcome your first child. Get excited! It’s time to kick your feet up and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy journey and the time as a new parent.