Top Essentials You Need To Pack For Your Family Trip

Jul '22 — 5 minute read

Summertime is here and family adventures are just around the corner! You’ve planned your activities, booked your tickets and now you’re ready to pack. Whether it’s a family vacation, taking a few day excursion or bringing the kids along with you to the local park, this could be a magical moment. From mom to mom, let us help you pack your Freshly Picked diaper bags so that nothing, or no one, gets left behind! 

Diapers & Wipes

Have a little one in diapers? Make sure to bring what you’d normally use, along with 2-3 extra diapers per day. Packing extra wipes will not only cover diaper changes, but also give you some wet wipes to help with sticky hands after a sweet treat! 

Comfort Items For Baby

If this is the first time your babe is sleeping in a hotel, bring 1-2 comfort items to help make it feel more familiar. Their favorite blanket or binky will help soothe them as they become aware of their new surroundings. A portable sound machine is a huge plus, since hotels can sometimes be noisy!

Sunscreen & Weather Appropriate Clothing

Sunscreen is a must, along with comfy clothes that will help keep everyone cool. Packing comfortable baby shoes is also a must for all new walkers. Check the weather ahead of time to see if the evenings will be a little cooler. If so, you may need a lightweight sweater or pants that you can easily pack in your diaper bag.


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spacious main compartment


packing made easy


If you plan on keeping the kids out past bedtime to enjoy their first fireworks show or parade, bring jammies! Not only will they be more comfortable, but then once the show is over and you head back to the hotel, they are already dressed for bed. This will make your bedtime routine quick which means more sleep for you and the kiddos!

Stickers & Notebooks

Now that you have all of your essentials ready, a great tip is to pack some stickers and a blank notebook. These lightweight items don’t take up a lot of space and can be used when your kids get restless waiting in lines or waiting for their food at the restaurant. It’s not messy and really can help! Coloring books are great for toddlers and for the older kids, you can pack a chapter book. 

Portable Charger

Be sure to also pack a portable charger for your phone, that way if you really need to pull out the stops to enjoy a quiet meal, you have their favorite cartoon at your fingertips and a charged phone! Packing a portable charger also ensures that your phone will have enough battery for snapping pictures of the kids on a ride or taking a cute family picture. You might use your phone for maps or looking up dinner reservations! 

No matter what you choose to pack, we know one thing for sure: you and your family will make so many memories! We can’t wait to see what adventures you, and your Freshly Picked diaper bags, go on this summer. Be sure to share photos with your Freshly Picked bags and use the tag #FPTRIPS 

Have fun and travel safely!

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