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I love this time of year -- the turning of a corner from December to January symbolizes a new beginning for all of us. Around this time, I try to put some intentions, plans, and goals to paper to keep me motivated to make the next year even better. I also take inventory of my actions and habits to make sure that they are aligned with the things I am trying to accomplish in the future. I call this “goal mapping.” Here are a few things that I do to help keep my goals in focus and reachable.    

  1. I start by making a list of milestones and big events that will happen throughout the year: I write down all of the birthdays, weddings, graduations, camps, and trips that we want to take and I make note of big work events and upcoming business travel. Doing this helps me get clear about not only how our year will shake out but how to be intentional about making big events special and memorable for the ones I love.

  2. Next, I write down everything I want to accomplish this next year. (I actually take a couple of days for this part). I run this list by a couple of people that know me really well and ask them if I have mentioned anything to them about things I want to do or places I want to visit, then I add those things to my list.  

  3. Then, I align my “Milestones and Big Events” list with my “Things I Want to Accomplish” list. This is both a practice in intention and gratitude for me. I like to make sure that the things I am working towards align with the things I have to get done - like that big birthday party in July! This also allows me to take a step back and just be grateful for all of the wonderful people I have in my life and the incredible opportunities I have because of them.

  4. Finally, I split my goals into 4 categories: spiritual, family, health, and professional. I try to write down at least 5 goals in each category so it helps me keep everything organized.  

I visit my goals at least once a month; they keep me motivated and on track throughout the year. Although this is the system that I use and it has worked for me for many years, it may not be for everyone. I would love to hear how you set your goals and what has worked for you! Regardless of what you do in 2018, I hope it is happy and productive and full of love for you and yours!



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