The Motherhood Minute

Jan '23 — 3 minute read


Hot Takes From The Modern Mama

We are excited to start a series spotlighting mothers. Motherhood is a sacrifice and is often thankless. Mothers are those who take responsibility for raising the next generation - it doesn’t matter if the kids are biologically yours, adopted, or the neighborhood kids you’ve taken under your wing. Anyone who takes responsibility for loving kids and helping them grow, is a mother. These amazing people need to be recognized.

That is why we created The Motherhood Minute. We want to empower women through recognizing their individual path in parenthood - which does not have an instruction manual nor come in one form. We set a goal to do a monthly spotlight on a mom. We want to share her hot take on the unique complexities of motherhood for others to celebrate, learn from, and to know that they aren’t alone. We love you all.

How does The Motherhood Minute work?

The first step is to submit an application. You can submit yourself or someone else. The application consists of the typical identifying information, some photos, and 300 words on why this mama should be spotlighted.


From there, our team will go through the difficult process of choosing just 1 mother to highlight per month. We will reach out and congratulate her with a classic diaper bag in her color of choice.


Our team will set up a meeting over zoom with this mom to learn more about her experience.


We will then tell the world about her. This includes an article about her (which she will of course approve before it is published) and posting on our social media.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us through the messaging platforms on either Facebook or Instagram.