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Getting Back Your Pre-Baby Body

Hi! My name is Jess Pugmire and I have been a fitness instructor and trainer for about three years now. I am a mother of two, and fitness has definitely become a giant stress-reliever for me through parenting trials I've gone through, and I've found such a passion for making fitness fun for kids, too! I'm hoping that these workouts can help mothers all over the world, and know that even if you don't have a fancy gym, you can get a good and fun work out in at home with your child! 
*Only attempt these exercises if you are at least 6 weeks postpartum AND have been cleared by your doctor to resume working out. 
1. Sit-ups:  (on inflated medicine ball with child on your lap) 
-50 slow and controlled sit-ups
-50 quick pulse sit-ups
*repeat 2x
Form: Make sure you keep your shoulders back, and when curling up, squeeze in those glutes and lower abs! 
2. Frog Jumps: 
Do these for 5 minutes with an older child.  
Form: Be sure to keep your shoulders back, keep those abs sucked in, and don't let your knees go over your toes. 
3. Front Air Squats: 
(Sometimes I'll add tossing him up in the air for a killer arm work out).
Form: Same with the frog jumps, you'll want to keep your shoulders back, abs tucked in, and make sure your knees aren't going over your toes. You want to make sure you're feeling that burn in your glutes and inner thighs. If you begin to feel it in your knees, turn your toes out a little. 
4. Quick Feet + Pushups:  
I'll yell, "Quick feet!" and we will run like football drills and when I yell, "HIT THE DECK!" I burpee to the ground, and Archie gets on my back and I do a pushup. If he stays on my back after one pushup, I'll keep doing pushups until he's ready to get off. 
Form: While doing the push-up. make sure you're keeping your abs tight and your body is as tight at a board. 

5. Tricep Dips:
You can find anything to do tricep dips on. I'll use my inflated medicine ball to incline my legs, and Archie likes to hop up on my lap.
Form: Make sure your elbows and arms are tucked in, and if you're feeling pain in your elbows, try adjusting to get that tricep working. 
Hope you like these work outs and can enjoy spending time with your littles while doing them! 

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