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A New Mom's Diaper Bag Essentials

Hey, guys!

Charlotte here, the writer for FP and brand new mama! Before I had my baby girl 2 months ago, "diaper bags" were this nebulous thing that I had no idea what to fill with! Enter the new Freshly Picked diaper bags, and that daunting task seems so much more manageable! Tons of pockets, a wipe able interior and exterior, and convenient straps let me + baby deck out our diaper bag the way that works best for us! 

Now, whenever we leave the house to go to a restaurant, the store, or just out and about for the day, these are the things I pack with me and they ALL fit in my diaper bag (with some room to spare for anything extra I may need!) 

- 4 diapers

- Wipes

- An extra change of clothes

- Bottle

- A couple of toys

- Books

- My 13" laptop

- Sunnies

- And a can (or bigger cup) of mama's special juice to get through the day...😉


What are YOUR must-haves in your FP diaper bags?? Comment below and let us know! And of course, tag @freshlypicked in your diaper bag pics on Instagram so we can see what you're packin'. 

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