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5 Ways to Grow Your Black Friday Sale By 600%

1. It’s about the people, not the product!

My philosophy for any of our discounts is that, at the end of the day, our sales are for our customer. I love being able to provide a way for our product to be accessible to everyone. Some of my favorite customer stories are of a mama waiting for a sale to purchase for the first time. I stand behind my product 100% and believe that our product is the best there is out there, and I truly want everyone to have a chance to own a pair of our moccs. Don’t approach your sale as a way for you to make money, but for you to be able to be a bigger part of your customer’s lives.

2. Product, product, product.

Make sure that you have enough on hand. I know that this seems super simple and like, ‘duh’. And don’t panic if you’ve not prepared for this! However, I’ve had sales in the past where I knew that I could have served more customers if I would have had more product on hand. I think that a good rule of thumb is to have 1.5 x’s the amount you are projected to sale, to be able to ensure a good selection for your customers. For example, if you are going to sell 12 shirts across all sizes, then you should have 18 shirts in your inventory across all sizes.

3. A picture says 1,000 words.

We try to have all of our marketing deliverables meaning; pictures and graphics for all social media, copy for all social media, newsletters and email responses in hand at least one week before our actual sale date. Nothing is worse than scrambling last minute to get together marketing materials. The pictures and graphics that we create for each social channel vary slightly. For example, we prepare square images for Facebook and Instagram and horizontal images with text for Pinterest.

4. All hands on deck.

I have an, “all hands on deck” day of sale rule. If you are not dying or at a funeral, you need to be available to work. There are so many last minute fires to put out, emails to answer or bugs to fix. If your whole staff is committed to doing whatever it takes to have a successful sale, it will run better. Remember, Murphy’s Law is especially true on sale days. I try to be completely transparent in regards to our sales, everyone in the office knows exactly where we are in not only getting ready for the sale, but during the sale as well.

5. Get everyone involved.

One of my favorite things to do to get everyone pumped for the sale is to have an in office contest. We place bets on how many pairs we will sell, whoever gets closest wins a prize. These two last points are key. Sales can and will be stressful, there will also be a lot of mistakes made. Because of the mistakes and stress, they will also be the biggest learning experiences for your whole company. My goal then is that everyone on staff know that we are in this together. Your team is your biggest asset, make it fun!






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