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The Best Kid-Friendly Candy Activities

It’s the week after Easter and chances are you have tons of leftover candy around the house or you're taking advantage of all the marked down candy at the store (score). If you’re looking for a more innovate way to use your candy (besides eating it), try one of these cool candy activities with your little one.  

Dancing Gummy Worms

Kick on some music and get the party started with this fun gummy experiment. All you need are gummy worms, baking soda, vinegar, a couple clear cups. The combination of the vinegar and baking soda makes your gummies come to life for an easy afternoon activity. Click on the photo for full instructions.

Gobstopper Color Fun

For one of our easiest activities, all you need are some gobstoppers, water, and a plate or tray. Just pick out a few Gobstoppers and set them in the dish a few inches apart. Cover them about halfway with your water and watch what happens! Click on the photo for full instructions.

Starburst Roses

For a more advanced candy activity, get creative with some candy sculpting. Take a few Starbursts and soften them up in your hands to make some beautiful, sugary blooms. This works well with Laffy Taffy too. Click the photo for detailed instructions and tips.

Giant Peeps


If you’ve ever microwaved a marshmallow before, you can probably guess what happens when you microwave a peep. This alone can be a fun little experiment for your tiny helpers, or make it into a treat by adding some leftover Easter chocolate and some graham crackers for a Peep s'more! Click on the photo for full instructions.