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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Wardrobe POP!


Then add 2 or 3 complimentary colors.  Try to think of a fun color scheme!

A trick for putting colors together is to first think of the season.  In the Spring, pastel colors mixed bright flower colors. Summer colors are bright citrus mixed with cool relaxing colors. For Autumn, warm earthly colors with harmonious natural colors. Winter is bold jewel tones matched with bright white.

Another trick to combining a nice color scheme is to think of interiors that suit you, or art pieces or posters that you like. You are drawn to those colors, so use those colors in your outfit.

If you need a little more help with coming up with a color palette, try using a color wheel. Look at colors that are opposite on the color wheel, for example, blue and orange. They work very well together because they contrast against each other. With the color wheel there are different hues for each color. So a darker purple-blue's opposite color (it’s complimentary) is a yellowy orange. Where as a more green-blue's complimentary color is orangey red. Using colors close on the color wheel works well too. But to make your outfit pop throw in a little of an opposite color on the color wheel.


Accessories are the easiest way to add color to your wardrobe. So remember them when you are putting your outfit together!


Are you nervous about wearing color? Start with your shoes. It’s the easiest thing to add to your wardrobe to give you that bang in your outfit. It's also a great way to add color to your little one's wardrobe.

(More on this to come.)

Bright Lipstick. Don’t be afraid! If you’ve tried colored lips and you hated it, perhaps it wasn’t the right color! There are endless amounts of color. Find the shade that works for you skin tone but also works with your color scheme.


Don’t just think of socks for when you are wearing sneakers or boots. A bright sock makes a statement mixed with a strappy shoe.

Other accessories to try are hats, jewelry, belts, and sunglasses. 


Layering brings a new dimension and fresh perspective to pieces. You might already have clothes that you can layer in your closet right now!

Try one of these layering ideas:

• Put a long sleeve-button down shirt on under a sleeveless dress or add a sweater over a dress.
• Layer a dress over pants.
• Wear visible and fun socks with strappy shoes.
• Layer your jewelry.
• Layer a longer shirt under a shorter one.
• Mix up a crop top shirt/sweater with a dress.
• Try wearing an untucked flowy short blouse with a skirt and a belt around it.



A scarf is an often overlooked accessory, but it’s such a fun way to bring color, creativity and dimension to your outfit. Think of all the different types of scarves there are: small, skinny, large, wool, silky, extra long, knitted, cotton, solids, patterned!

So now the next trick is what to do with a scarf.

• Tie it around your bag
• Tie in your hair. The ways are countless ways whether it be turban, the forehead scarf, the full head wrap, the front twist, the headband, the retro knot, the banded bun, the big bow, the knotted front bun, the list can go on and on.
• Wrap or tie it around your neck. 
• Use it as a belt


Whether it's your shoes, lipstick, jewelry, or sunglasses, this trick is an easy way to pull a look together and make it feel cohesive is repeating the same color in your outfit.


Remember the texture of your clothes and mix-and-matching different patterns. Try mixing up different textures. Maybe it is a silky dress with a knitted sweater. Mix small patterns with larger patterns. This gives dimension to your outfit.

Colors should make you feel confident. But if you think colors don’t suit you perhaps you just haven’t found the right hues for your skin tone. Try holding colors against your face and see which looks the good.

Author Bio:
Caitlin Watson Boyes is the author of the blog Modern Colorist, a fashion and lifestyle blog. When she's not blogging about how to add color to your life, she's out exploring, creating, and playing with animals.