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Top Tips for Fighting Anxiety & The Blues

Sadie is the writer behind where she shares about her life, motherhood and her health and fitness journey. These tips are an excerpt from a post she shared with tips on how she deals with anxiety and "crazy behavioral twists" we all experience from time to time, especially during the colder months. 


Wintertime is the BEST time to do this. When I say simplify, I mean simplify EVERYTHING. Your life. Your home. Your social life. Your marriage. You workouts. And your friends. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that life has to offer. If you remove those things in your life that give you anxiety, your day will feel so much easier to conquer. For example, some days, my only goal is to get laundry done. Not even folded, just washed! For reals! Other days, my goal is to take the kids to the museum. And some days my goal is to make dinner. Give yourself ONE GOAL to do each day. You are less likely to feel anxious about your to-do list if you don’t set your standards too high. Also, don’t ever be afraid to say no. The word NO, can be a full sentence. Coming from a people pleaser like myself, I know that word can be hard to say sometimes. But, remember you are working on YOU here. Don’t overwhelm yourself.


Really though. Have you ever cleaned your house with music blaring? Please say yes. If you said no, stop reading and go do that right now please! Music seriously changes EVERYTHING! Your kids will LOVE it and will not only clean your home, but burn some calories. It’s a sure plan to uplift your spirit.


I mean, at night obviously. How much sleep you receive can literally affect your entire life. Whether you realize it or not. During the night your body recharges every little element it has. Including your metabolism and hormones. AND WE ALL know what happens when hormones are off balanced! I am preaching to the choir on this one, because I am a LATE NIGHT kinda gal. Blame on all those years of night shifts, but I come alive at night time. That is when I get so much done! The kids go to bed and I come alive. Morning time hits and I am a hot mess. It will affect me the entire day too. Sleep is just as important as your diet is! Immune health, mental health, emotional health, and physical health count on it. Make a commitment to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. After a week or so, you will see that you can get more done during the day because you aren’t sluggish.


If you are sitting on the couch, change it up and sit on the floor. Stretch while you are playing with your kids or watching TV. Even little movement with your body helps. It’s proven to reduce stress levels, increase your energy, improve your mobility, and gives you better balance. Even a little yoga is SO good to help release that depression and anxiety! 


You should not give a flying fart if Suzy is baking french bread and giving it to the homeless, or if Jim is training for a marathon. Those things are GREAT for Suzy and Jim but we aren’t talking about Jim and Suzy, we are talking about you! Most people suffering with depression or anxiety have a hard time separating other peoples successes or accomplishments from their lack of such accomplishments. Resulting in feelings of failure. AND since we are working on YOU right now. I want you to focus on you and your family. Comparison is the thief of joy. There will be a time when you can look at others and share in their successes but if you gets you down, it’s not that time yet.