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3 Easy Tips for Dressing Your Child

At Freshly Picked we believe no love story is more beautiful than the one written by a parent and child. I'm lucky to celebrate those meaningful moments in parents' love stories with their children, especially through all the gorgeous pictures I share of our customers' beautiful babies.

What a child wears tells the story of his or her earliest years: the first moccasins he took a step in, her special birthday dress, his favorite tee shirt, or the outfit she wore home from the hospital. Here are 3 simple tips to help you put together outfits that will be part of the story of your child's early years:

 1. Dress them to their personality! 

It's funny how quickly a child's unique personality and style emerges. Clothes are a reflection of the person wearing them, whether the person is 6 months old or 60 years old. Is your child a brightly dressed social butterfly? A snuggly homebody? A comfy cool kid? A preppy babe? Identify who your child is to help you while you're shopping for them.

 2. You don't have to sacrifice form for function 

Parenting can be tough and we often reach for the easiest solution- the plain white onesie continues to be a standard for a reason. But today items like fun, colorful leggings are easy to find, easy to put on and soft for your little one. Find a few special, one-piece outfits that don't take any coordination. Moccasins are great because they look adorable, are easy to put on and they stay on your baby's foot.

 3. Find meaningful accessories!

Does your child have a beloved pair of shoes, a pair of sunglasses they love to wear, or a favorite hat? Adding accessories like hats, special shoes, headbands, or sunglasses don't only add visual interest to their outfits. Accessories give children the freedom to identify an item as special to them and if they wear an accessory consistently it becomes part of their childhood story.